10 of Our Favorite Health Food Blogs

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We Sweat Journalers love our healthy foods, but for most people, eating healthy is a chore. When the world is filled with glorious pastas, the cheesiest of pizzas, and layers of cake, why in the world would you ever bother eating a salad? Well, fellow gluttons, it’s because not only is it a good idea for us to eat a vegetable every now in then, but also eating healthy is actually delicious — no lie.

If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to making healthy food choices — or if you are already following a healthy, wholesome diet but need some new recipe ideas — we’ve gathered together our 10 favorite blogs to turn to for fresh, seasonal, whole-grain cooking (and baking). These blogs will make you forget all about the allure of double stuffed Oreos and kettle chips. Or at the very least, they’ll make eating salads feel like a treat.

So here’s a run down of some of our favorite healthy food blogs:

1. Deliciously Ella
Ella is focused on showing you healthy, plant-based alternatives to dishes that are so often incredibly unhealthy. Who knew that you could have your cake and pizza AND eat them, and they could look so pretty?!

2. Clean Eats Charlotte
Feast your eyes on Charlotte’s amazing photos of the wonderful food she makes each day, and try out the recipes.

3. Celery and Cupcakes
We love the “realness” of this lovely lady. Jemma Andrew-Adiamah is a normal girl navigating the joys and challenges of a healthy lifestyle and sharing them with her readers. She shares honest reviews of the products she tries out, and gives an interesting look into what her days look like on a plate.

4. Clara’s Clean Eats
Clara is perhaps the sweetest and most informative health blogger to ever grace the web. She offers a ton of alternative recipes to our favorite foods and the ingredients are always %1000 clean! Not to mention, she and her boyfriend are the definition of “healthy” relationship goals.

5. Naturally Sassy
All of Saskia Williams’ recipes are plant based, sugar, dairy and gluten free – unrefined and unprocessed. And they taste amazing! Don’t think we could ask for more to complement our workout routine! Check out her free e-book, too.

6. Honestly Healthy Food
Tash gives a really interesting look into the alkaline lifestyle and how it might feature in your life. As well as some great cookbooks, she has a brilliant blog with some easy-to-attempt recipes and a look into great London foodie locations and fitness options.

7. Calgary Avansino
Calgary Avansino is an inspiration – contributing editor of Vogue and wellness guru, plus mother to some very cute kiddies, you are either going to feel very insufficient compared to her or want to mirror some of her great habits and follow her advice. Let’s go with the latter!

8. Wholeheartedly Healthy
Another blogger who doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what she is: a normal human being like all the rest of us! Laura Agar Wilson shares the highs and lows of her life with a new baby, while purveying some brilliant health and nutrition advice supporting the philosophy that to be healthy is to be whole and happy.

9. Hip and Healthy
This is an online magazine with many guises – health, fitness, beauty and fashion – whatever you’re into there will be something for you here. We don’t know about you, but the possibility of shopping while getting tips on the best way to snack, the dangers of takeaway or how to get your partner eating healthily is a dream!

10. Madeleine Shaw
Health coach to the stars Madeleine Shaw has the perfect balance and some wise words to share when it comes to making healthy living work for you. We particularly like her smoothie recipes – a joyous greeny, fruity, superfoodie blend of deliciousness.



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