10 Proven Methods For Staying Consistent With Your Fitness Regimen

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Consistency is the key to achieving any fitness or fitness goal. Working with consistency training is important to achieve lasting results. Training is not for everyone. It consists mainly of consistency and knowledge about the training methods. Furthermore, it’s very important that your goal is clear. So that you can work full-time. Consistency is key!

Here are the 10 proven methods for staying consistent with your fitness regimen.

1. Creation of a training plan to achieve coherence

Committing to an exercise regimen means drawing a plan. Everyone naturally has their own reasons to train with the personal wishes and goals, but to the desired ones To achieve results and personal goals, you must have the right information. Unless there is a long-term plan it will be very difficult to advance in training and this will lead to discouragement. A good fitness plan goes a long way to help you reach your goals, you’ll have to know the kind of exercise to do on a regular basis. You will have to exercise at least three or four times a week to get the best results.

2. Find a suitable personal trainer for you

If you are not used to doing exercises, you may want to do them with the help of a personal fitness trainer. You can get a recommendation from a relative or friend who has an excellent coach. You can also check with your health care provider or with a fitness club or a senior center. Once you have several names, use some of the following questions to help you choose the right person. If you can answer YES to most of these questions, you are probably on the right track.


3. Be aware of your weak points and physical limitations.

Your level of activity is an important issue that you should consult with your doctor, as part of your ongoing and preventive health care. If your health is stable, talk to your doctor at least once a year about exercise, but talk to your doctor more often if your health improves or gets worse over time so that you can adjust your exercise program. Your doctor can help you choose the activities that are best for you and reduce the risks.

4. Be realistic with the days and training volume. 

One thing is what you would like or think you could train and another thing you can do constantly and without fail. Commit yourself for what you have time. Do not force yourself to commit to a six-day program if you only have three days a week available to train. Many people get discouraged when they are forced to reach the maximum level of reaching a training program that does not fit their lifestyle. The quality is better the quantity.

5. Do not train to the limit every day.

It is also very important that you go at your own pace, leave your ego at the door because if you are doing something that is challenging for you, it does not matter what others are doing next to you or what you are lifting. Consult a doctor if you have a health problem or injury before starting a new program to make sure it is in accordance with you.

6. Find some demanding but manageable rhythms and respect the days of soft or regenerative training.
Whether you are training with the football team or when you are in a gym to work on the abs of steel, hot muscles are indispensable. Read in this blog why it’s important and what’s the best approach.

7. Be prudent with the discomfort and fatigue.

A training schedule not only gives you a good idea of ​​what muscle groups you need to train. Your workout also gets more structure . You know what day your legs train and when your biceps should believe it. This rests in your mind, allowing you to fully focus on the exercises. This structure makes it easier for you to track your progress . After all, you know what weight you have started and how you work today. The lack of structure in workouts and the lack of progression is a reason for many people to give up their goals. By training with a schedule, you are therefore one step ahead.

8. Listen more to your body and less to your heart.

If you are not consistent raising your heart rate several times a week, you are not exercising enough, which will not give you results. To see results in any training routine, you will need to stay with a plan for months. If you lose consistency in your workouts or lose intensity, you will gain weight and lose everything you had previously achieved. Although it is good to miss a day of training or rest, the most important thing is that you are consistent with these so you can see results. Sleeping well is a vital part of being healthy, however many people cheat with sleep , not understanding that this has super negative effects that affect our health, altering our weight among other things. Having a regular sleep schedule even on weekends can help you feel more alert and keep your energy levels high.

9. Define training time
One reason why consistent training gives results (military style-day after day), is that convicts have to follow a fixed and established schedule that dictates when, where and how they have to do all their activities (training, sleeping, eat, etc.)
In this regime or itinerary, the training time is the most important of the day and is vital for the inmates. It offers them a moment of recreation to get out of the monotonous routine in which they live each day, and promotes a level of emotional stability in an emotionally unstable environment. The training is so vital and of utmost importance to the incarcerated, that most avoid all kinds of confrontation so that their training privileges are not revoked. Obviously, nothing interferes when exercising. This kind of consistency is key so you can have real results with your training. The point to follow is this: you need to put your training as a priority in your life. As if you were giving priority to an important work meeting, or as if you were going to a party with your friends or just as a date with the girl you really like.

10. Consistency in nutrition

It is important that you be consistent with the nutrition plan you have chosen. The positive changes you can see in your body, or how you feel, will not take place until you have been consistent enough for several weeks or months. If you have started eating healthy and have not lost weight yet, do not despair. Stick to your plan and you’ll see results.




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