10 Things to Always Keep in Your Gym Bag

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Sure, you’re eager to get to the gym and hit that deadlift platform, but in order to be fully prepared for your routine, you need to take a moment and sneak a peek into your gym bag. One of the biggest killjoys is finding out that you forgot your headphones, and how on Earth will you get pumped up for your PR if the jazzy gym music is in the background?

For that, and many more reasons, have your checklist ready before each workout, to make sure you’ve got all your essentials covered once you enter your fitness kingdom.

1. Hydration is a must

Whatever your routine involves, be it a light jog or a hardcore HIIT session, you’ll need plenty of fresh water to get you through the day. Especially when summer kicks in, you’ll likely need a couple of refills, as you will be losing plenty of fluids through sweat.

Use your breaks to take a sip, because thirst is already a sign that your body is headed towards dehydration. But be mindful of balancing your intake, because your workout could suffer if you stuff your belly with too much fluid.

2. Satisfy your post-workout munchies

You really never know if you’re going to need it, but it’s a necessity nonetheless. Your training can be exhausting enough for you to need an instant boost with the help of a tasty energy bar, or you might have to postpone your next meal, in which case a protein bar saves the day.

For those who have extra time, you can always prepare your own mix at home. Grilled chicken breast with some fresh or steamed vegetables is an all-time favorite even among pro athletes, while even a simple banana or an apple can help you until you get home.

3. Fresh clothes

We’ve all seen people walk out of the gym in the same gear they did their workout, and it’s never a pretty sight, nor is it pleasant on the nose. Plus, it cannot be comfortable for you either, especially on those sultry summer days, so it’s best to keep an extra shirt and pants in the bag.

4. An extra pair of socks

This one deserves a special spot, simply because it’s one of the most commonly overlooked items that end up forgotten. If you’re spending a day down town, wearing your open-toed sandals or anything that doesn’t require socks in the first place, you might end up wearing your gym shoes sockless as well, unless this item is on your list.

5. A mighty playlist

Few things can get your heart rate up like a well-planned cardio mixed with your favorite tunes. However, don’t forget your handy SlimClip Case, so that you can listen to music hassle-free while you run, lift or stretch.

The best way to ensure quality sound and training without worrying about cables is to find a pair of wireless headphones.

6. Supportive gear

From your must-have gloves to protect you from callouses, chalk for less friction, sweat bands, all the way to your waist-belts, you should always double-check whether or not you have all you need for a safe workout.

Other fitness favorites include knee and wrist wraps, lifting straps and shoes specially designed for squats, so you can take your pick and enjoy your training worry-free.

7. Hygiene essentials

No matter how little you sweat or how quickly you need to get home, your deodorant stick and a small shower gel take up virtually no space whatsoever, so there are no excuses not to bring them. If you’re in a real hurry, you can use wet-wipes and a hand sanitizer, but never leave the gym before you wash your hands to get rid of all the germ and dirt buildup.

8. A towel

Many gyms will offer you their own towel if you forget yours, but it’s a matter of common courtesy and protecting your skin to bring a towel to your training. If you’re a heavy sweater, then having an extra one as a backup isn’t a bad idea as well.

9. Your emergency kit

Gym veterans know it best – even a simple exercise such as a rack-pull can leave your hands completely destroyed, while a poorly executed lift can easily cause a strain. Yes, you can prevent most of these mishaps with proper warm-ups and cool-downs, but an emergency kit with bandages, an antiseptic for sterilization and a muscle-relaxing cream can be a true lifesaver in times of trouble.

10. Your training gear

Last but not least, pack your essential gym wear, including your tops, bottoms and shoes, and for the ladies, a sports bra, hair ties and underwear that will ensure a comfortable, effective workout. With these essentials clean and ready, there’s little that can stop you from nailing that training session!

Luke is a fitness and health blogger at Ripped.me and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through useful and informative articles.





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