10 Ways The SlimClip Case Enhances Your Workout or Run

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10 Reasons You Need A SlimClip Case with You During Your Workout

Hitting the gym or going for a run always takes a bit of preparation. You have to cover a few of the basics before you can even think about stretching. Putting on workout clothes, packing a water bottle and prepping your gym bag will always ring a bell, but don’t forget  — where are you going to put your phone?!

Sure, it may seem like one simple problem, but this critical issue causes a domino effect of others. Since we’ve already deemed Fanny Belts and Armbands as inadequate means of securing our cellulars, we simply can’t live without a SlimClip case. In case you’ve forgotten (or simply need a refresher), here are 10 Ways the SlimClip Case can improve the quality of a run or workout:

1. You can keep your phone with you without it bouncing around.

Ever realize how annoying it can be to repeatedly tapped on the shoulder? Now, imagine that happening the entire duration of your workout! Having something bouncing up and down in your pockets every 5 seconds is… challenging, to say the least. Clipping your phone to your side eliminates any extra-cirricular pocket movement.

2. SlimClip is always with you and ready for a run or workout

No more remembering to bring an armband or looking for your fannybelt! The SlimClip doubles as your primary phone case and fitness solution.

3. Allows a full range or arm motion without slipping, sliding, or constricting the circulation in your arm

Contrary to the constraining (and sweaty) armband, a Slim Clip case allows for a limitless workout. Let’s be honest — it’s extremely hard to commit to a pull up with the added pressure of an armband! Instead of spending your time adjusting, tightening, and re-arranging something attached to your arm, you can focus on reeling in your desired fitness results.


4. Doesn’t weigh you down while you run.

If you truly wanted the extra weight that comes with lugging around a fanny belt, you’d invest in ankle weights! Someone who moves as much as you do needs a phone case that’s light as a feather.

5. Easy music listening

Just you, the gym, and your workout playlist…

At least, that’s how it’ll seem with your phone attached to your waist, versus it being held in your hand. Skipping a song has never been easier!

6. You can actually use your phone without completely interrupting your workout

For starters, a SlimClip case make taking a quick gym pic 100x easier. It also allows you to send a quick text or hop on a brief call without having to surgically remove your phone from a cheap plastic case. Prayers, answered.

7. It instantly makes you the coolest person at the rec/in the gym/on the track/

With just one clip of the case, you’ll be the envy of your friends and a conversation starter for strangers. Be warned, you’ll automatically be viewed as the “in-the-kn0w” fitness enthusiast around town.

8. Easily access your fitness tracker app

Bouncing back and forth between fitnessing and tracking said fitness can be a real drag when you have to continuously dig for your phone in a fanny belt. Instead, just de-clip your SlimClip case to pop open you Nike x iPhone app in a matter of seconds.

9. Keeps your phone out of the way of foreign objects, like heavy weights

When you’re forced to hold your phone, it always seems to get in the way. Think of SlimClip as a clear path to fitness freedom.

10. Stress free workout— no dropped or missing iPhones

The clutch of your sweaty workout palms is the ultimate danger zone for your phone. With SlimClip case, you can run, jump or climb without loosing sight of your goal.

slimclip case v4

Notorious for loosing and misplacing phones? Think of how hard it’ll be for your phone to come up missing when it’s visibly attached at the hip!

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