14 Ways To Stay Fit Without A Rigid Workout Routine

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We get it, some weeks the gym is impossible. Even though in your mind, you try not to make excuses, this pops up, and that takes 45 minutes longer then you thought, and you promised you’d help with that, and Jack asked you to do this … it happens. But if you don’t make it to the gym it doesn’t mean that you screw up your workout routine. If you don’t make it to the gym every week, you know, it could even work in your favor. There are so many ways to adapt a healthy lifestyle without having to commit to being in the gym with your trainer at 6am every morning, or religiously going to class after class at the gym. Often, we hit a burn out stage when our process for getting fit is too rigid. We don’t feel the benefits from working out anymore, such as the high endorphins and the glow afterwards. Instead, we feel like it’s a chore and we dread it every time. Here’s 15 ways to overcome those obstacles, and have fun doing it too.


  1. Take the Stairs

The classic, isn’t it? “Take the stairs and you’ll be able to shed those last couple of pounds!” Okay, no promises here, because we don’t know how many stairs you encounter in you day-to-day life, but we know that you come across the choice daily, so you know the answer 12

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2. Go On Hikes

What more can you ask for than a natural body and mental high? Nothing is better than panting, sweat rolling down your face, and turning around and seeing a beautiful view. Mountains, the ocean, the trees rustling in the light breeze – the whole package. The great thing about hikes is that they have the ability to push our endurance out of the park. In a workout routine, we have our sets and reps planned out already – we can see the finish line. With hikes, we don’t entirely know what terrain nature will throw at us. Sometimes, we have to plan our footwork to get over super steep parts, or drops. Other times, it’s a lot more inclined than we anticipated, but damn is the view great! Use Meetup.com to look for arranged hikes near you!



3. Ride Your Bike

Trading in your car for a bike has a long list of benefits. Besides the obvious ones, like money, exercise and helping the environment, it helps immensely with the whole “routine” thing in a healthy lifestyle. If you take your bike as your only means of transportation, a 10-minute drive turns into a 20-minute cardio workout. Peddling faster and faster to catch a yellow light turns into a game, and oh yea- if you live in a big city, chances are that you actually save time. Winding in and out of small one-way streets to avoid waiting a long lights will typically get you to your destination in a faster than then sitting in grid locked traffic.


4. Take Up An Individual Sport

Surfing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Judo, etc… the options are close to endless. By taking up an individual sport, you never have to rely on team practises, meetings, etc. You can almost do it anytime you want (conditions depending), and your only competition is yourself. Talk about a nice learning environment!


5. Travel

If you think traveling only includes wining and dining, try getting lost in the winding streets of Venice with a 70L backpack for 2 hours – you certainly burn off that pizza and pasta.  Of course, it depends on your travel style, you might not be into putting the contents of your life for few months into a pack on your back. That’s okay. Chances are you will also probably be strolling around in new cities for hours on end, or hiking and swimming at beaches. If you’re the type to escape to the tropics, there are so many excurse that are worth trying, like snorkeling, surfing, etc. that are sure to counteract that wining and dining.


6. Yoga

Yoga has evolved so much over the years, and not there is a huge focus on yoga for weight loss. You could use this to your advantage and memorize a specific flow that works for you, and do it whenever you have the chance. The beauty of yoga is that it doesn’t take much precreation, or recovery time. If you’re by a beach, take 20 minutes to stretch it out before you head out to swim. Waiting for something in the oven, that last mouth-watering 15 minutes? Try a few of your poses you want to improve. You’ll gradually see changes in your body and not even realize what they’re from, 15 minutes here and there goes a long way 12

8. Be An Opportunist

Get creative with your workouts! The options are endless what you can do with a pair of trainers. For example, if you live on top of a hill and have only 10 minutes to fit in a workout, sprint up the hill. It will boost your endurance and is definitely high intensity. Body weight exercises can go a long way, and there’s so much you can do with just a resistance band.

9. Swim In The Ocean Everyday

Location permitting. Do this everyday, and watch your life improve. That’s all.


10. Dance

Did you know dancing improves memory, amongst many other benefits ? Whether you’re joining a partner dance, or jamming out to your favorite tunes in your home – break a sweat and let loose. The mental benefits are just as good as the physical ones, and we can all completely agree it’s hard to beat jamming out to your favourite tunes, and don’t worry, we all know the best moves are when no one is watching.


11. Consider Climbing

If you live by mountains – all the better. If you don’t it’s 100% okay. There are tons of growing climbing communities in and out of mountainous areas. The beauty of picking this up as another hobby is that you can not climb for months on end, and then one day decide to go. It kicks routine to the curb (which sometimes can be a good thing) and allows you to have your preferred balanced lifestyle. Plus, the mental capacity gained from climbing – strategizing where to put one foot after another, is irreplaceable.


12. Buy A Jump Rope

It takes up little space, but is extremely effective. If it’s been 1, 2, 3, 4… however many days since you’ve last got a good workout in, don’t let it slip too much. By having a quick workout that is accessible and fun, you’ll be able to keep your cardio up, which makes getting back into your typical workout routine that much easier.


13. Go On Long Walks

For all the dog owners, this is probably already a reality. If you have a dog or not, sometimes going on a long walk with your significant other or sister is a great way to free up your mind and get a little exercise too. You can even try powerwalking to amp it up another level.



14.  5-10 Minutes Every Morning

When you think about it, 5 minutes in the morning is nothing compared to 24 hours in the day. But even better, 5 minutes in the morning can change your whole day! Instead of focusing on the goal to get a 6 pack, or shed those last few pounds, instead, you can focus on getting your blood flowing. After 1 week of doing squats, push-ups and lunges everyday, trust me – the results will be there, but you won’t even remember doing the work!


15.  Set A Weekly Goal

A great way to easily tackle your week is to set a goal for the end of the week, not necessarily everyday. If you’re into HITT, maybe you want to beat a time limit this week. If you’re into yoga, make you want to perfect your headstands. Having goals to work on will motivate you to do a little bit here and there, which creates your lifestyle to be more like a lifestyle, instead of planned out sets and reps.

By the way – when you’re out there doing all these activities, you’ll be able to have the convince of your phone by your side. Now there really are no excuses 12

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