7 Things Everyone Should Try at The Gym at Least Once

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Do you hit the gym on autopilot? You’re not alone. For most of us, gym time is all about routine—cranking out the same exercises with the same machines, weights, and classes as the day before. And while routine can be the thing that ensures you make it to the gym in the first place, at a certain point, it can also be the thing that thwarts your fitness results. Not to mention, it can be straight-up boring.

Want to add some intrigue to your gym routine—all while getting more out of your workout? Try out these nine things everyone should do at the gym at least once!

1. Wake Up Super-Early for the Pre-Work Cycling Class You’ve Wanted to Try
Morning workouts not only fire up your metabolism first thing in the day, but they guarantee you’ll get your workout in (before the day gets crazy!). Are you anything but a morning person? Check out these 13 ways to trick yourself into getting out of bed for a morning workout.

2. Ask the Personal Trainer Who’s Standing Around for Help with Your Form
Your form could make all of the difference between an awesome workout and an ineffective and potentially even injury-causing one. Try these simple tricks to improve your exercise form.

3. Scale That Climbing Wall
You’ve been eyeing that intimidating wall from a distance since you signed the dotted line on your membership plan. Rock climbing is a crazy-effective workout—for both your body and mind.

4. Turn Off Your Treadmill’s TV
Watching TV while running can throw off your form and workout intensity. Research shows, though, that listening to music can boost both your workout enjoyment and actual power output—so go ahead and turn up the jams!

5. Indulge in a Post-Workout Massage
Even if your gym doesn’t have a spa, it’s worth getting one—preferably from a cute masseur. But, seriously, it does more than feel amazing. Check out all the neat things that happen to your body when you get a massage.

6. Grunt Like Crazy While Cranking Out Reps
It can up your strength while toning your core. Yep, that’s why Tennis players don’t stop making uncomfortable noises after their feet hit the courts. Grunting doesn’t sound so silly now, does it?

7. Pick Heavier Weights
If you’ve been avoiding a heavier load because of the intimidation factor, now’s the time to bust through that barrier. Find the heaviest weight(s) with which you can complete all the prescribed reps while maintaining perfect form. You’re going to feel so bad-ass, you’ll definitely want to try this again.



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