7 Workouts To Take Outdoors This Fall

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It’s that time of year again, the air becomes crisp, the leaves start to change colours and you realize that you only have a short few weeks before you’re cuddled up inside with a warm cup of tea. Although, the cozy feeling is a calming and comforting, knowing that there is no other option to work out except for the gym for the next few months isn’t. Unfortunately, for those people who do not live in a warm climate, the cold weather means less variety in places for our workouts, especially if you are not the winter sports type (we understand-it takes very few to actually enjoy freezing their butts off!!!). Before we start our pity party about the summer leaving and being left in the cold, we can actually use this to our advantage and embrace the health benefits from working out in chilly weather.



Did you know that chilly weather is extremely good for us?  When it’s cold out, you burn more calories since your body is working extra hard to keep you warm. It’s also better for endurance, because it instantly becomes more challenging. This is because you’re improving your breathing and circulatory system, not to mention boost your heart rate, in a good way.

So, with all the benefits of working out with a little bit of fresh, crisp air, it only makes sense to mix it with the beautiful scenery of fall. Here’s 7 workouts to maximize the beauty, and benefits of those beautiful short autumn months:

1. Running

No doubt, this is all about cardio. But if you were to ask a number of runners, they would probably agree that one of their favourite things about running is the destinations that they run to, or through. Nothing is better than a nice view to calm your breath. If you’re into long, scenic routes, the best thing about this time of year is that the trails will be less busy, which is typically a game changer for those who want to go at their own pace – weather it’s super speedy or slow and steady. Say goodbye to being drenched in sweat and feeling dizzy on the track or pavement and having to re-apply sunscreen half way through your run. Instead, running in this time of the year you can probably get away with some under armor leggings, a dry-fit shirt and light sunscreen and you’re good to go. Now, breath in that smell of pine trees and get excited about the leaves crunching beneath you during each step 12


2. Yoga

Yoga in the summer = hot yoga, no matter how hard you try not to sweat half your body weight of, sometimes it’s just too damn hot! Although, there is no question that sun salutations are much better when facing the sun, now you do not have to plan the perfect hour of the day (and typically the only hour) where this is possible. When it’s a little bit chilly outside, doing yoga outdoors feels pure and flows just a little bit easier than in hot, hot humidity. Bring a scarf and a sweater for those chilly days, and you’ll realize it’s quite comfy. Kind of like you’re bringing that warm cozy feeling of your living room to the outdoors, and what can beat that?




Could you image doing your HIIT exercises outside in the midst of summer? Have you tried? If so, you’re probably reading this with a little chuckle, thinking to yourself that it was maybe not the best idea. Immediately, a flashback comes of sweat dripping, you seeing stars and feeling like you’re about to pass out right? So, instead, you spent the nice warm weather (that you really don’t want to take for granted) and head to an air-conditioned gym with bright lights and sweaty people making weird sounds (okay, we are all one of those people when we go to a gym, but still). Instead, grab your gear, such as tension bands, ropes, etc. find a tree in your backyard, and get to work! This will save you the commute of going to the gym and back, plus you’ll get an extra kick of energy from the crisp air. Besides, you won’t be able to do this in a couple of months, so enjoy it while you can!

4. Hiking


This is pretty much a no-brainer. When the forests change colors, it’s by far one of the most beautiful times of the year. So, get outside and enjoy it!! Not only will you be able to hear the crunch of the leaves under your feet, smell the sap and pine needles in the air, and breath in the fresh mountain air, you’ll also be able to have some of the best view vantage all year! Why? Because, during the summer around towns, cities or the sea or ocean, you’ll end up having a haze due to the hot temperatures and smog. Sometimes, this will really deuterate your view of the mountains in the background or the ability to see the water from the mainland. Instead, the crisp air in the fall is far less likely to have this smog, thus making you be able to see for miles and miles!

5. Stairs

Let’s be real, have you ever seen anyone running up and down the bleachers in the hot summer months? Probably not. It’s obvious that 30 degree  weather doesn’t make you so inclined to run up inclined surfaces. Although, when the weather drops a few degrees, this is your perfect opportunity. There are so many workouts you can on stairs such as running, lunges, sideways stair lunges, strength push ups, squat jumps, triceps dips, etc. The options are really endless.


6. Power Walks

Okay, walking is obviously not going to give you the same result as HITT, although it dose have some great benefits such as lowering stress and improving your daily tasks, since it strengthens many muscles. So, grab a light jacket, some tunes and enjoy a crisp walk in the crisp air 12


7. Swimming


When the temperature drops, it’s obvious that this doesn’t send everyone to the beach. But, actually, you might want to re-think that. At the end of summer, the lake, bay or ocean closest to you will actually be at it’s warmest. So, by dipping into the water, you’ll be able to still get an effective full body tone up. If you live by the sea, cold water immersion is actually enhances immunity and increasers metabolism.

So, before you get summertime sadness, it’s time to rethink the weather getting colder. Instead, grab your warmer clothes, your favourite summer songs, and make the most of it. Remember, you can explore even a little bit further before the season is over with SlimClipCase


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