9 Negative Thoughts You’ll Have When Striving Towards Your Fitness Goals And How To Beat Them

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Getting started to workout and mapping out your fitness goals is arguably one of the biggest hurdles to your fitness regime and your healthy lifestyle. There is no doubt that getting starting is half the battle, but the less talked about subject is what happens after you get started, and how to start back up again. Staying healthy all the time is seriously hard. There’s no doubting that.

Ask any fitness professional and nutritionist, they’ll tell you that screw-ups are totally normal and are all part of the process. Of course, after practice and habit, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, in which the majority of the time you’ll work out and eat healthily… but realistically, even then you’ll have some “screw-ups” here and there. I mean, it would be a little worrisome if you didn’t! We are human and it is completely normal to have a balanced lifestyle, not a super strict one.

Although, there is a fine line between cutting yourself some slack and living your life and allowing yourself to break hard-earned habits and end up right back to where you started. If you miss going to the gym one or two weeks in a row, it’s more likely than not that this could spark a habit of skipping the gym a couple of times per month. Or, maybe you’ve become addicted to this new line of cookies or ice cream, and well… you know it’s bad for your health but you make excuses in your head every time you indulge as to why it’s good for you.

Our mind is truly our biggest hurdle and tends to make many, many excuses, in addition to blaming external factors as well. So, here’s how to hack your mindset into one that cannot be overcome by excuses and negative thoughts, and on that kicks those excuses to the curb. Once you can overcome your mind, your results will definitely blow your mind!

“I’m Too Busy”

The oldest (and most common) excuse in the book, isn’t it? Whether you are a full-time parent, employee, student, etc. you can find time to hit the gym, or at least make your body sweat somehow. Would you say that you’re too busy if your children asked you to play a game with them? Or what about if your employer asked you to take on a new project?


It’s all about priorities. Prioritize your health as one of your most important factors, over anything. Because, without your health, how would you enjoy time with your family and friends, or that new raise you’ve received?

“My Fitness Goals Are Out Of Reach”

As mentioned, getting started is the hardest part. Although, part of getting started is being realistic. If you’re over ambitious with your fitness goals (or any goals for that matter), you’ll likely set yourself up for failure.

Research realistic fitness goals or ask a personal trainer or your gym. 

With this help, you’re going to become more motivated, rather than intimidated.

“I Couldn’t Sleep Well Last Night, So I Shouldn’t Workout Today”

There’s no doubt that getting a good night sleep is essential to your physical performance just as it is to your mental performance. Of course, it’s completely normal to be tired, but that’s all the more reason to push through a workout. Adapt the mindset and the facts that working out will actually improve your sleep, thus making you break the cycle of unhealthy habits (such as not working out and bad diet) that keep you up at night.

“Getting Ready Again After Working Out Takes Too Much Time”

Yes, time is money and it’s extremely important to be efficient with your time – although who says working out isn’t efficient? It will prolong your health and therefore make you less likely to get sick. To avoid spending another hour doing your hair and makeup after your workout, workout in the mornings or evenings so you can directly hop in the shower (the one you were going to take anyways) right after.

“I Can’t Get Into “The Zone”

Often, we’re misperceived with”the zone” as this magical place that we somehow define norms and do the impossible. That’s obviously not true.

“The zone” isn’t a place you can go, instead it’s a mindset that you can adapt.

Thinking of the “the zone” as another word for focus will bring you to the zone.

If you can focus on work, or a conversation with someone or even doing a task or hobbies, you can get into the zone while working out. All it consists of is doing your workout in the present moment, and not thinking of other things you could be doing, or how it hurts, or how much longer you have left. Simpler than you thought, right?

“I Am Never Home, I Travel Too Much To Become Fit”

It’s true, sometimes always being on the road makes it harder to travel. But, that’s not an excuse! 

Trying out bodyweight exercises such as squats and lunges requires no equipment, so you can do it anywhere, just like yoga or running.

f you’re an avid traveler or always away on business, adopting a quick high-intensity routine you can do in your hotel room or on the beach makes all the difference. If this isn’t for you, then try out sports and activities you can’t do at home, such as surfing or rock climbing.  This will work different muscles that you’re not used to and you’ll end up realizing that it’s a serious workout!

“The Weather Sucks, I Don’t Want To Go Outside”

We’re not going to argue and say that the weather doesn’t affect your mood.

It can.

Although, that is in no way correlated to working out now, is it? Of course, heading to the gym on knee-deep snow or in a thunderstorm doesn’t seem like the most desirable thing. You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t want to. Instead, try yoga on a rainy day or at home workouts when you really don’t want to leave your home.

“I Hate Cardio”

We’re with you on this one. I mean, no one has really truly been so in love with cardio. It’s the after-cardio-feeling-amazing-glow that we’re all in love with. If you hate cardio, you don’t have to run 5km every day. Instead, try and get your heart-rate up 1 to 3 times a day by doing HIIT, such as jump squats, burpees, etc.

“A Gym Membership and Workout Gear is Expensive”

Let’s play the devil’s advocate for a minute here. A gym membership is roughly $45.00 per month. Workout gear is roughly $30.00 per month (let’s say your bought 5 outfits at $40.00 each and use them for 6 months). That’s $75.00 per month.

Let’s say you go out for 1 meal a day (like lunch at your office job) which equates to $10.00 per day. That’s $200.00 per month. All you need to do it make your lunch 3 times a week (which is ALWAYS healthier than eating out), and you’ve already covered the cost of working out. 

This doesn’t include that $6.00 glass of red wine you had on Thursday night, or the $5.50 ice cream you had on Tuesday afternoon, or that extra $5.95 croissant and cappuccino you had on Sunday afternoon. By all means, treat yo’self. But, remember, going to the gym is actually the biggest form of self-love 💖

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Remember…. It’s mind over matter and no excuses!

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