9 Unique Ways to Use SlimClip Case

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Here, at theWTFactory, we’re all about functionality and design – and we know you are too. You know better than to buy products that don’t have a dual purpose or simply make your life better. Instead, you get your bang for you buck and you look good doing it. Your busy lifestyle includes fitness, but also some other hobbies like painting or learning something new, and you’re typically on the go. And let’s face it, it’s 2018, so your phone definitely plays a huge role in your life. Weather you’re a busy momma running around doing groceries, or the adventurous outdoorsy type, a phone case designed initially for working out can stretch far beyond it’s main purpose and help you out in unique ways.


Here’s 9 innovative ways to use the thinnest clip case in the world:

1. Clip and Go

This is why SlimClip Case was invented – to give you a solution to what to do with your phone when working out. No more 90’s looking fanny packs, unstylish running belts are super annoying arm bands. You won’t ever have to drench your phone in sweat by stuffing it in your bra or waistband. The Slimclip is designed keep you focused on what matters in your workout, not the unnecessary annoyances that come with finding places to keep your phone when you need to be handsfree.

2. Step Up Your Selfie Game

Even if you don’t want to admit it, it’s probably pretty likely you’ve snapped a selfie with the intent to make it look like someone else took it. Sometimes, you have a killer outfit on and want to snap a picture for your Instagram story. Or, you’re not super experienced with angles but your lighting in your front hall makes you look like one of the Kardashians, minus the excessive caked on makeup. With a little bit of innovation, you can have some really unique angles. Try clipping the phone onto a cloth shopping bag and hanging it on your coat rack. Put it on selfie mode and switch the 10 second timer on, and you can get a unique, one of a kind photo. Especially if you place the coat rock facing a clean, crisp, white wall, with perfect lighting – you can even look like a professional. As mentioned, with a little innovation, you can really play around with this and get some creative angles.


3. Live Handsfree

Mostly everyone can relate – sometimes life can get damn busy. Especially if you have children, or often running around doing errands, or have a job that requires you to have your hands full (like a trades job, a retail store, or a new internship where you’re always running coffees). Nothing is worse than dropping your phone in the middle of it all. Especially if it doesn’t have a protective case on it, your $6.00 coffee run just turned into a $100 and something bill and 1 week of a sexy loner phone. Having the option to clip your phone onto your waistband when times get busy let’s you live handsfree, which is much more stress free in the long run. Even if you don’t have pockets, you don’t have to worry with SlimClip case.


4. Watching Tutorials

Weather you’re painting, learning how to play a song on guitar or attempting to set up Ikea furniture, tutorials are lifesavers. Typically, they help you every step of the way, which sometimes means pausing and playing, pausing and playing, again and again. Sometimes, you’re not near your laptop or it simply just doesn’t make sense to bring it to your backyard that you paint in or your newly drywalled house that is needing the new furniture. So, having the convenience of your phone on hand, but not in your hand will get you through these tasks. Clip it on the cardboard box your furniture came in, or on the side of your easel.


5. Makeshift mirror

Ladies – remember that one (hopefully not many more than that) time you had to do your full face of makeup on the metro? The awkward phone balancing, intense concentration, and smudged red lipstick? Definitely not ideal, especially when it’s busy and someone could potentially snatch your phone when your turn your head for a second. Instead, clip it to your handbag or backpack and you have a secure, handsfree mirror. Although, we can’t recommend much for the strange looks you may get, but at least it might divert the attention to how your phone is clipped on your bag, proving you to have both brains and beauty. Talk about turning a situation around!


6. Flashlight

For the adventurous type, we know you love a good sunset. We also know that sometimes you probably stay a little later after them too. Maybe you’re camping and have a ton of gear, or maybe you want to hold your significant others hand as you wonder through the forest in the dark – either way, clipping the phone onto your waist band or t-shirt when flashlight mode is enabled serves as much functionality as one of those headlamps, without having to actually attach one to your head. Plus, it’s a lot less gear to carry, as you know, things can get really heavy, really fast.


7. Dance Your Heart Out


Roommates? Living at home? Annoying neighbours that hate loud music? Don’t worry, you can still dance into the hours of the night. Weather you’re practising for an audition, practising your routine or simply freestyling, SlimClip Case can handle it. Plug in your headphones and jam it out, the clip can handle your moves, but maybe everyone else can’t 


8. Presentation Mode

Doing an impromptu presentation or have to rep your company at an event? Want to add a little extra kick to it? Grab a poster board, fold it in three and cut a small rectangle for you phone. Clip it sideways onto on side, download your promotional video or set up a slideshow of photos and let it play while your presentation is going on. You can even hide a small Bluetooth speaker in the “triangle” you made, making a little impromptu media center. You can even use this at events that are require you to use an interactive app, this making it another way to network. Be creative with this one, you’ll be able to come up with some memorable ways to showcase your information.


9. Go Pro, Without The GoPro


So it’s understandable you don’t want to invest $400.00 into a GoPro that you may not use. It makes even more sense if you want to test something out before you see if you’re interested in it. By clipping the SlimClip on your strap of your backpack, or collar of your shirt, you can mimic the effect of the GroPro chest mount, without dropping cash. Plus, you’ll be able to share your content immediately though your phone. You can even play around with this and try some Instagram live stories.

So, with some creativity, you can actually get even more function of the SlimClip Case than you could imagine, although keep in mind that it was designed to clip onto your waistband, so try to find places that replicate the same width as that.

Do you have another way to clip the case? We’d love to know!


SlimClip Case

SlimClip Case Lite FIGHT for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is theWTFactory Pink version of it’s signature iPhone Case for the fitness and running enthusiast. SlimClip Case is the leading armband alternative for securing your iPhone while working out or running.