Best Ways To Build A Masculine Physique

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If you’re looking to have an ideal male body, one that you’ll be pride to show in any situation, it might not be enough to lift weights and eat healthy. You also need to consider your genetics and the potential you have for achieving broad shoulders, strong legs and a narrow waist – the key elements of a masculine body. Not only you’ll have to change every aspect of your physical activities towards that, but you’ll also have to adopt a mindset that will keep you motivated and focused on the task. Here are some of the best ways to achieve an impressive physique.

Balance Is the Key

Most men will default into exercising push-ups or bench presses all day long, craving for those masculine chests. What they don’t realize is that by neglecting their back they’re never going to achieve the real masculine look. Having weak back muscles with pumped up chests can look ridiculous, and it’s actually the same as doing all the work with one hand – it leads to uneven muscle development. That’s where pulling exercises kick in. The perfect ratio for any man seeking a broad-shouldered look is 3:2 of pulling against pushing exercises. In return, you’ll be far prone to injury and you’ll actually look good.


Narrow Waist

A narrow waist is the key element to having an X-shaped body, and possibly the hardest one to achieve, especially for older men. It’s clearly a result of a low level of body fat, so you’ll probably want to talk to your nutritionist and consider moving to a low-carb diet. However, the muscles on your waist can still grow, preventing you from the narrow waist look you’re trying to achieve. So just make sure you’re skipping on those rotational exercises, at least with heavy weights involved.

Heavy Lifting Once a Week

While it may be true that a huge number of repeats with light weights will get you to a lean body, no one has the time to train all day. There are many benefits that heavy lifting will do for your body. For starters, you’ll not only be stronger, but you’ll also feel stronger as well, which will influence the way you feel about yourself. There’s just no way around it, heavy lifting is the core of achieving that ideal physique, and you’ll get there by increasing both your neurogenic and myogenic muscle tones. So if you’re looking to check on all the proportions of a perfect male body, make sure you’re lifting near maximum weight once every week.  


Control Your Hormones

While women mostly store their fat in their hip and thigh area, men are genetically programmed to store fat in their abdominal area and love handles. And with age, it will get increasingly more difficult to get rid of the fat in these body parts. Some people can’t ever make it, so they go for a cool trimming treatment at the nearest Ageless Men’s Health Clinic, which can work surprisingly well. This is because men usually have a high level of cortisol hormone, which helps the body to store fat. A higher level of testosterone, on the other hand, will make you gain muscle faster and lose fat easier, all while maintaining your sex drive healthy.

Change Your Training Program From Time to Time

Stagnation’s quite real when it comes to exercising your muscles. It basically means that your body will get used to your routine and adapt, so it’ll be harder and harder to boost your strength through with the same routine. This is why it’s crucial to mix it up from time to time, more often if you’re looking to lose weight and less often if you’re training to build muscle. Variety is important, but don’t mistake it for inconsistency. If you’re just mixing it all up whenever you see fit, you’ll never build any muscle. This means there’s no program hopping for you. If you pick a program, stick to it until it’s over – and then move to an upgraded version of the previous program. This way you’ll ensure that you’ve optimized your training, saving some time and money in the process.



The path to an ideal male body is a tough one, but it doesn’t have to be as long as people think. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to change your lifestyle and you’ll see the difference in no time. Exercise isn’t only healthy for your body but also for your mind, plus you’ll be sleeping way better than without it. By following our advice you’ll make sure to lose fat and build muscle as fast as possible – and there’s nothing stopping you from starting right now.




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