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There are a number of apps and services that sits between the fitness and mobile technology trying to help us to be more active and motivate to drop a few pounds. Here comes another fitness app Cody which does not focus on measurement of every moment; is just a light weight way for you guys to share the workouts on a daily basis with your friends. Is not interesting? In the modern world of social networking people like sharing ideas and their daily activities.

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Have a look at the functioning

Cody app asks for the registration using your face book account or by your email. There are list of activities that you can choose from gym, yoga, running etc. You can add notes, time and distance under each activity with a separate section under your personal profile. You can see a nice design, with scroll wheels that taps the effortless navigation. There are coaching techniques for each type of activity that has specific diet plans and workout programs. If you have more work outs then you can see your history and check how much you have progressed. Cody app is more than just a personal exercise journal; that allows you to follow and find new friends within the app itself.

The Cody fitness app aims to focus on the casual exercisers to share their experiences. The apps act as a virtual coach that matches the content to sharing ideas. Using explore feature, the Cody app uses another puzzle in pursuit to be able to more accurately tell friends, workouts, information and venue based on their activity and interests. One of the Cody users says “I use the Cody App, not only free but it is a healthy social network designed to encourage and motivate you to stay fit. Cody offers free fitness plans and lets you log all of your workouts. Don’t pay for an app that is going to make you feel awful for trying to improve your health.”

Cody app offers the yoga instructors to upload a five minute instructional videos in activity feed which is reachable for the users on an access fee, lets the local gym to create profiles and can easily target ads for increasing their business value.

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armbandphone3Love this app – awesome way of tracking activity and being inspired/ motivated by the Cody community. Couple of suggestions – please can you add a wish list option for the paid video workouts so that we can ‘star’ them for a later purchase if we can’t afford to buy them at once and don’t want to lose track of which ones we want. Also can you make it easier to search for paid workout videos per the teacher’s name (e.g. If you click on the person you are following you can see all that is available in their range of workshops). Lastly please can you add a rock climbing/ bouldering category pretty please?! Thanks. Great app though.

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I love this app! It is easy to use and if you are looking for a positive support group pertaining to working out. This is your place! Gives you ideas for workouts and has training plus challenges you can participate in. I don’t know what I would do without my Codyfam! This app helps keep me motivated!

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armbandphone3I am not one to bombard my innocent Instagram followers with my workout info, so this is a helpful way to share your progress and achievements with people who actually might be interested in your crap! Get it. It’s also great at holding me accountable and reminding me to stay active:) thanks Cody!

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