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CCrossFit training is an intensive exercise program where in the entire body is put into action in a series of functional strength maneuvers.They are high intensive workouts that are performed to maximize movement of the whole body.  Although CrossFit appears to be a new and emerging regime, it’s roots are quite mature (more on that later). CrossFit mixes up the regimen with various exercises so that you will never find your body in aplateau as there is less repetition and routine.

CrossFit workouts are usually performed as WOD (WorkOut Of the Day) regimens that are developed by a CrossFit certified trainer.  Typically, the trainer will have a CrossFit gym that they hold sessions for groups to show up at specific time and do their WODs as a group.  The group competes and encourages one another and adds an element of social accountability and friendly competition that raises the level of intensity and fun to the WODs.

For me, one of the most attractive elements of CrossFit is that is timed, relatively short time investment, and the regimen is set by someone else so all I have to do to get in great shape is show up.
CrossFit regimens are highly intensive in callisthenic movements that challenge your body with your own body weight, but also incorporate a variety of added resistance movements as well.

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The CrossFit movement is not composed of anything novel as far as the movements involved. They are functional activities that you are already familiar with, but just that it they are performed intensively at varied intervals. A CrossFit regimen challenges you to keep on changing the workout routine so that your body doesn’t stay in comfort zone.

CrossFit workouts aim to strike a balance in the basic fitness domains:

  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Elasticity
  • Cardio vascular endurance
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Stability
  • Dexterity
  • Coordination

In a normal exercise routine, we do the same type of workouts which leads to our bodies getting used to the activity.  When you do a routine like what is traditionally used you will initially see results but your body will become very efficient in what you are asking it to do and the gains in physical fitness and muscle tone will cease…  you will reach a plateau.

Who is best fit for CrossFit routine?

A CrossFit working can be fit for anybody who has relatively good physical strength and decent stamina. So it is perfect for high school and college youth, active adults, professionals, and athletes.
That being said, a CrossFit regimen can be scaled and customized for any body type and level of fitness.   When the workouts are performed in groups the level of fun is cranked up in multiples and you’ll find that it will give out the best results. It is training idea where people of all shapes and size work to improve their physical fitness as well as the cardiovascular fitness in a peer group competing and urging each other on.

Another huge advantage of a CrossFit regimen is the set time of compound movements with short high intensity sessions to improve the cardiovascular endurance. It includes dynamic exercise programs that feature plyometric jumps, Olympic lifts using sand-bags, kettle bells etc.


Can you perform these CrossFit workouts on your own?

Yes.  Of course you can do the exercises and workouts on your own, but there is a significant is risk of injury involved in doing some of the more intensive maneuvers, especially if they are done incorrectly.  So it is definitely good to learn these CrossFit workouts properly from a certified CrossFit trainer.

CrossFit Workouts aims to improve physical skills, helps you to perform any type of possible task.  It will actually increase your ability to do any kind of physical job or activity more easily as your endurance  and brute strength improves drastically.



What are the proven benefits of CrossFit regime?

An average exercise enthusiast reaps great benefits out of CrossFit Workout.  The following points unfold the plus of this CrossFit regimen:

  • They are high intensive workouts and it is tailored to best fit every single person.
  • All the workouts are short interval – a typical CrossFit schedule would be – 5 to 10 minute warm up, 5 – 10 technical review, 10 – 20 minute main work called the Workout of the Day (WOD).


The body is put to work for a less time but very intensive performance. Oh!

  • The CrossFit suits any type of fitness level individuals.
  • The CrossFit workouts are variable in nature; there is a quite long list of combination of exercises. The main idea behind the frequent change of workout is that you never end up getting bored and the body is constantly challenged. Yeah!

Just as how everything as pros and cons, even CrossFit regimen has some drawbacks.

  • Initially while starting a CrossFit schedule; it is important that you have to spend some amount to get in touch with a personal trainer. But after some training, this CrossFit can be performed and styled to fit your needs.
  • In any type of exercise there are always chances for getting injured.  But with a CrossFit regimen it’s the intensity that makes the chances of injury somewhat more likely.  It’s my opinion that if you start with proper mindset and know that you will need to ease into your regimen and ignore your super competitive instincts at the beginning; you can avoid getting injured.


Who was the pioneer in this field?

Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai are considered the pioneers in this exercise philosophy where both physical fitness and competitive fitness is now performed on a worldwide level. Today, there are personal trainers certified in CrossFit all over the world to help the individuals reap the benefits from a CrossFit regimen.

Is there any scientific proof that a CrossFit regimen improves the aerobic and anerobic capacity and the body composition in both men and women?


  1. Steve
    March 22, 2015

    It would appear that Crossfit is quite popular. I have at least 5 friends on Facebook that talk about it daily. I never thought about getting into something like that, but it does look like a well organized workout.

  2. Lawrence Tines
    March 25, 2015

    Crossfit is huge! There are so many of my Facebook friends that are involved in this. I always wondered what the big deal was, but the workouts that you posted look pretty good for the body.

  3. SmartyPants
    March 26, 2015

    I have been doing lunges for many years. They are a great way to increase the muscles in your legs, but the exercises are easy to do, even quickly before work.

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