How diet apps can help you to reach your fitness and health goals

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As a species, humans are in a constant and precarious balancing act between hope and habit, and nowhere are these more in opposition than in the health domain. We hope for a body that’s fit and slim, but our habits keep dragging us back to snacks, snoozing and the slippery slope of a sedentary lifestyle. Tipping the scales in the direction of the body and lifestyle you crave means letting go of your bad health habits.  Discover how diet apps can help you to reach your fitness and health goals, through a combination of advice, cold hard facts, and a map of your journey from smushy to svelte.

How do diet apps promote health and fitness?

In a tight financial climate, we’re taught to spend only what we earn, but the weight loss sphere is the one place where spending more than you make is not only recommended, it’s key.  In the most basic sense, you need to burn more than you take in.  The burning is the fitness side of the equation, and the taking in is where healthy diet choices reside.  The balancing act comes in finding a way to keep track of what you’re doing and what you’re eating, and bring those into balance with one another.  Enter the diet app.

Whether it’s a free online app designed to help you record what you’re doing and eating, and motivate you to reach your goals, or a pricier celebrity-endorsed program that gives you menu and workout options, a diet app needs to go where you go, to hold your hand as you transition from bad habits to good.  The MyFitnessPal app notes that 88% of their members who log their meals for seven days end up losing weight.  Out of sight is too easily out of mind, but when you have to face the truth about what you put into your body every day, it’s easier to see what you’re doing right — and where there’s room for improvement.

Diet apps help users balance diet and fitness to reach their health goals

The most comprehensive diet apps house an extensive library of foods with their dietary values already preprogrammed, so a simple click will tally your food and energy intake for each meal, and do the daily, weekly, and long-term math for you in terms of how your individualized goals are coming along.  Likewise on the fitness front — log the time and type of exercise, and the app will do the math.

Which diet apps run the distance?

Techradar named MyFitnessPal its top pick for its range of food, fitness and coaching capabilities. Learn more about MyFitnessPal in this video

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For a simple weight tracker that plots your progress on a graph, check out Weightbot, or forego the counting and opt for My Diet Coach, a tech-friend who offers reminders about why you’re doing this, and motivates like a pal would, offering chatty arguments to coax you out of your own mind-games.  All three are free to use, meaning you’ll save your money as you lose weight and gain confidence.

The most recognizable names in the weight loss program racket also supplement their programs with apps, if you’re keen to opt in with your wallet; Jenny Craig offers a restaurant guide, portion control animation and library of resto foods with their nutritional tallies attached, and a paid Weight Watchers subscription buys you into a range of apps to supplement meetings and meal plans.

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Track, Coach, Inspire: The diet app as an ally in your quest for health and fitness

Like your health and fitness goals, a diet app is not a quick fix.  It’s a comprehensive tool that attacks the challenge of attaining your goals from many angles.  Record and track your food habits, tally your fitness minutes, get inspired with ideas from recipes to whole menu plans, and let your phone do the work of calculating the numbers, so you can concentrate on balancing your life to attain optimal well-being.



Motivate yourself to stay off the couch and out of the fridge; Nexercise combines social media and video gaming by turning your fitness log into a game with levels, rewards, and rankings among you and your online fitness friends

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Keeping your diet app close

Staying consistent and forming new, strong habits means being on top of your health and fitness goals all day, every day.  Diet apps allow you to keep your history and info all in one place, and consult your progress, or get new tips and tricks whenever you need them most.  You want to be able to reach for your phone and check in with your app, but the last thing you want during workouts is more weight, and protecting your phone while you exercise, cook or shop the produce aisle for healthy options isn’t so obvious.  Having it stuffed  in your pocket isn’t always an option when you are dressed for fitness success in running shorts or tights, having your phone flopping around isn’t desirable if you do have pockets, and carrying a bag or pouch goes against the ethos of your slim, trim mindset.

Slimclip by theWTFactory 

Use the SlimClip case to attach your iPhone or Galaxy Smartphone to your belt, pocket or waist without the bulk of a fanny pack, wristband or extra pouch

Use the SlimClip case to attach your iPhone to your belt, pocket or waist without the bulk of a waist pack, wristband or armband

One solution  is a the SlimClip Case by theWTFactory; it keeps the phone on your body, while freeing up your hands and saving you an extra accessory to lug around.  And since slim and barely-there are motivators to turn your hope into a healthful habit, Wonderful Things Factory’s SlimClip case for iPhone sets the aesthetic bar in the sweet spot.

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