Essential Supplies & Equipment for Trail Running

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Trail Running has a myriad of benefits from beautiful sceneries that extinguish boredom, softer – lower impact surfaces, challenging muscle building terrain, and exhilarating competitions.



For pleasure or competition, trail running continues attracts more and more runners. Whether in the hill, mountains or in the forest, here are the 10 essential elements to have in your trail running supplies!


Good Trail Running Shoes


The basic essential tool you need before you venture on the trails is to equip yourself with good, quality, supportive trail shoes. If you go to face the mountain paths, choose a trail shoe with a good grip and a base that gives your foot support for uneven surfaces.   You’ll need grip and support for running uphill, downhill, in the rain, on mud, on sand, gravel, and a number of different / unexpected surfaces.


The Backpack for Hydration


When you go out running in the wild, you are not always sure to have a water source. If you’re going to be out for a substantial time it’s important to bring a hydration pack along.


A Jacket for Bad Weather


A compressible trail jacket is easily packed up into a small pocket and drawn out when you need it.  You’ll be thankful you brought it along if you unexpectedly run into rain, wind, and colder conditions.
Technically Sound Running Shorts / Pants for Optimal Protection
As you start to really stack up the miles you’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate shorts or running tights that are comfortable, wicking, and won’t cause chaffing


Wicking Running Shirt


Whether it’s long sleeves or short sleeves you definitely want a top that is moisture wicking and light.  If you’re running in an area you know has a lot of vegetation you will want to wear long sleeves. You’ll want to consider a top that is reinforced at the shoulders to avoid rubbing in the backpack straps area if you elect to use a hydration pack.


A GPS watch to find your way


You can also walk the marked trails and the wildest with confidence and safety with a GPS watch adapted to the practice of trail.


A headlamp to better see the night



If you think it’s even a possibility you’ll be out at or past dusk you’ll want to light your way with a headlamp. It will help you improve your field of vision, avoid obstacles and increase your safety as you finish up your course.


Nutrition products for a boost of energy


For long distance courses gels or energy bars will be the little boost that will give you energy when you need it.  In general, packagings of these supplements are designed to be lightweight and easily transportable.


Sticks to improve your race

Leki Micro Trail Running Poles – 125cm

Trail Sticks aren’t standard but if you’re running on extremely steep terrain it’s definitely something to consider.  They will minimize vibrations at each impact on the ground to preserve the joints and muscles. Your knees will thank you especially during the descents. When climbing, you will appreciate being able to hang on to climb faster and climb effectively.


Glasses to protect your eyes


A good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays and from vegetation.  You’ll want frames that are light and secure for running. Your field of vision won’t be compromised. Your eyes will be protected from the wind, sun and external elements like dust, pebbles or branches …


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