Failure Is Not An Option: Finding Your Fitness Motivation

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Staying in shape is easier said than done. Many of us wish that we had a body like X or followed a diet like Y but fail to put into practice the work required to achieve these results. We complain that we are too tired after a long day’s work or that we do not have the time to fit in exercise between leaving the office and an evening Netflix binge. Quite frankly, the majority of us are just lazy. We live in a world where we can pay our way to a better body. Brands promote supplements and automated machines which they tell us can do the job we refuse to do ourselves. While these can aid in achieving our fitness goals, they alone cannot provide the results that we are after. In order to truly reap the reward of a healthy body, we need to reignite the motivation in ourselves to succeed beyond expectations. With so much advice at our disposal, we should be well on our way to finding fitness inspiration. Authority Health provides a variety of insightful tips to get you started.


Here are a few effective techniques that can help boost your fitness motivation and set you on a path towards success:

Expand Your Horizons



The same monotonous routine can become uninspiring and stifle your motivation. If you are wanting to galvanize yourself into action then getting creative with your workout regimen can be a great start. Change your perspective and explore new fitness avenues. You may be used to the treadmill and leg press machine but remaining in the comfort zone of these exercises will not allow you to grow. To maximize your motivation in the gym, you are going to need to try something fresh. Don’t be afraid to join an early morning spinning class if you haven’t already. Not only will you be doing something completely new, exercising in the morning offers many health benefits. This can be an extremely effective and exhilarating way to rejuvenate your inspiration to exercise. You will gradually expand your fitness repertoire by constantly attempting different activities. This will keep you motivated, build strength in areas you are not used to and give you some bragging rights when talking to fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Stick With Your Supporters

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help push you in the right direction. Exercise is most enjoyed when accompanied by a friend. Enlist a companion with similar goals to join you in your exercise routine. Working out with a partner will give you that extra push to stay motivated. You will be able to look out for one another’s best interests and help each other achieve goals quicker. Replace habits like watching TV with exercising together. This is a great way to maintain relationships while improving individual physical performance. Friends can help each other correct their form in the gym, maximizing the effectiveness of each workout. Friends can provide constructive criticism and appraisal which both help boost motivation to stay fit.

Get Competitive

While friends may provide the support needed to get up and go to the gym, competition among each other can help push your limits. Ensuring that you maintain a healthy dose of friendly competition may be a tricky task but it can light a fire in you and fuel your motivation. By knowing each other’s benchmarks, you can help each other constantly strive to improve. The key to this technique is being supportive of each others’ results. Compete with someone that has similar goals to you.

Reward Progress

Ensuring that you keep tabs on your progress is essential for maintaining motivation. Have a log book in which you track things like weight, exercise duration, calories consumed and the number of reps per exercise. This will allow you to see how far you’ve come and where you still need to improve. This will help you efficiently achieve goals and sustain a focused approach to your fitness. Be sure to reward your achievements. Having a fitness rewards system in place can be an extremely fun way to motivate your progress.

Following these simple strategies will help you maintain motivation and achieve optimal fitness results.