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Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your physical trainer with you everywhere you go?

Sure, they can be a bit overbearing a times — they say crazy things, cause you immense, physical pain, and even tend to yell at you when they aren’t satisfied with your work ethic. Nevertheless, they’re amongst the most useful human beings on the planet! After all, they’re the ones responsible for all the killer abs, toned legs, and perfectly sculpted arms in the world. Let’s face it; we couldn’t have gotten this far without them.

So, that brings us back to the question of taking them everywhere. Why would you want to do that, exactly? Maybe you’d want to call on them for a little motivation, or perhaps you’d use their expertise to cure your frustration of forgetting the motions of your new favorite ab workout.

Nowadays, the power of the internet has made fitness available to anyone, anywhere. With our mobile phones, you can unlock all sorts of fitness secrets just by twiddling your thumbs. The web is full of fitness instructors looking to make a quick buck off of their e-fanbase, but a few of these instructors have surpassed the traditional, long-winded instructional video to give virtual training a unique, millennial twist.

Take My Trainer Carmen for example. She trains people all over the world, but get this — she doesn’t even have to travel! Carmen’s specialty is sharing free, quick, effective workouts that require minimal equipment — ON INSTAGRAM! Yes, the same app you use to throw away a few hours of time per week.

We had the chance to chat with her about her innovative fitness tactics and life as a personal trainer, and the Texas-based tutorialist has always been active and somewhat of a meat head. She’s now addicted to working out, but she spent 5 years as a Middle & High School Art Teacher before the brokenness of the school system and unhappiness drove her away.


I really needed to get away from teaching & pursue a career that was going to make me happy and fulfilled,” said Carmen. “I wanted to do something that allowed me to help people; specifically women.” Thus, she turned to pursue a personal training career full time! 

Being an Instagram sensation seems simple and glamorous, but there’s a lot more to it than you think. When she’s catching up with old friends, the hardest thing for Carmen to explain about her line of work is her instagram account. “I try and share as much useful information as possible in the shortest amount of time, but people don’t understand that if they aren’t using their instagram for business,” she says.

Putting together 15-60 second video clips together for social media may seem easy, but it can be a difficult and tedious process. Somehow, though, she’s managed to push through the difficulties and gift her +600,000 followers with an endless supply of simple (yet effective) training techniques. 


What’s different about Carmen? She doesn’t bother to offer personalized online training like a lot of other trainers on Instagram do. “I personally have not found a way in which I think I can offer people real attention & one on one guidance, for an affordable price, with real results, accountability, etc.,” she says. “It’s very hard to ensure that you are offering the best advice. There are a lot of scams out there and I want to make sure that I have everything to my liking before I even begin to offer something like that.”

Carmen really thinks more of these so called “online trainers” should offer more free content. In her words:

“If you have such valuable knowledge, why wouldn’t you try to share it so that as many people as possible could benefit from it?” 

Instagram fitness has become a widespread interest, but there are certainly different approaches to he craft.

“You can do the half-naked bikini picture thing, but I personally didn’t want to deal with the internal struggle,” said Carmen referencing the provocative women strutting down their instagram timelines in bikinis. “You have to decide which route you want to go, and that can be hard. Am I still going to be as popular as the ones that show more skin? Will I get as many partnerships? Will business still be interested in using my platform for advertisement?”

Believe it or not, these are all questions she has to ask herself!

Carmen’s social media feeds are full of simple and easy strength training techniques. No matter what your target area, she’s bound to have at least one or two tricks up her sleeve to get you one step closer to accomplishing your fitness goals! To learn more about what she has to offer, visit her website or follow her on Instagram! And just like that, My Trainer Carmen is now your trainer, too!




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