How 8 Minutes Per Day Will Change Your Life

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When you think about habits, you usually think of something that may seem to drag on. Something that consumes a decent amount of time in your life and something that maybe isn’t necessarily enjoyable. Usually, when we hear the word habit we automatically associate a habit that we would like to stop, for example, smoking or eating fast food. Typically, we don’t think about brushing our teeth every morning or setting our alarm clock as a habit. We have been doing these things for so long, that they are just part of our everyday routine. But imagine if we didn’t do these things? We’d be running around late, with cavities and bad breath and god knows what else. So really, if you look at this example, the way to stay on top of the things you need to do, is to trick yourself into doing them so regularly, you don’t even see them as habits, they’re just part of your routine. Now, imagine if your workout routine was so perfectly constructed in your daily routine that it never felt like a task or like something you needed to do – you just did it 🙂


Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that working out will magically become easier. If you got a rough sleep, there’s no way in hell you’re going to wake up and workout right away, especially when your bed feels even just a little more comfortable than usual. But I am here to tell you that you’re more likely to get up and do an 8 minute workout, knowing damn well when the ending is, rather than dragging yourself to the gym.  Because the gym involves so much more time.  It’s not just the gym, it’s the traffic, the parking ticket you need to display on your dash, the busy showers, and then you meet Alice and she wont shut up about her new body flow class she teaches Wednesdays at 5pm, even though you’ve told her 7 times that you work until 6pm on Wednesdays. Even if you do make it to the gym, some days you don’t want to push yourself through a 45 minute workout.  Some days after 20 minutes you’re panting and sore, and you ask yourself, do I really need to push myself?


The answer is, no you don’t. It’s a personal preference how you want to get into shape – but this technique doesn’t involve long dreaded workouts and sore body parts that make you second guess working out. The method also helps you stick to your workout routine, instead of getting discourage and stopping for days, or even months at a time. Now, you’ve probably heard of HIIT, I mean- how could you not? It has been a workout trend for some time now, and all for valid reasons. If you aren’t so familiar with it, HIIT are high-intensity intermittent training that has a ton of benefits, like strengthened metabolism, muscle gain, weight loss, and better breathing, which directly affects your blood pressure and heart rate. It consists of workout periods usually under 30 minutes and rest periods that a longer than the traditional mapped out workout routine. A study by the US National Library of Medicine and Health states that working out in this way actually produces twice the amount of benefits than moderate workouts. So, twice the benefits in less time? Yes please. Although, I am not going to say these workouts are the best in the world, but if you feel a little strapped for time, and a little bit exhausted from long periods of working out, this is the plan for you. Oh yea, and the best part? This workout method allows a large amount of room for change. Some days you could be doing jump squats in your pj’s and others you’ll be able to be biking through the mountains or swimming in the ocean.


You know the saying – a habit takes 21 days to create? Well, it’s very true. But, if you really map it out – boil it down to the 21 days, what do you see more realistic? Option 1: if you start your week thinking you NEED to commit to the gym, and then mentally think about those long long workouts, and automatically feel drained and discouraged. Or, option 2: think about the things you need to do during your week, and commit to taking 8 minutes every morning to kick-start your day and your productivity. Mentally, it feels like you’ve just freed up 4 hours at the least – and you’re incorporating your workout routine into your life, instead of incorporating your life around your workout routine.


So ideally, we want to start off with the hardest thing we need to do in our day, and then work backwards. We all know answering emails first thing in the morning isn’t the best for productivity. Same goes for exercise. A study by  Briston University states that exercise significantly increases productivity. In this study, the participants who even did 30 minutes a day said they became more productive, did not have to take as many breaks and felt better overall during the day. Now just add coffee and you’re on your way to a raise 😉 But, even if you snooze past your alarm clock and need to rush out the door, the beauty of these 8, 10 or 20 minutes is that you can also do them before bed. For example, a 15 minute strength yoga flow will help you have a beautiful sleep and wake up more energized to be able to hop out of bed and do your exercises.


group of healthy young athletes doing exercises with kettlebells at cross fitness studio


The overall bottom line here is that some workout routines optimize the benefits of the workout, and help you push new lengths – which is important. Others, like this one, may not be the only lasting reason why you just increased your bench press to 200, but it will be the reason why you’ll still have a 6-pack well into your 60’s- equally important. As mentioned, you’re not making your workout routine and your lifestyle different, with this method, you actually are making your workout routine, and your daily routine conjoint. So fast forward 5 months, 5 years or 50 years and your 8 minutes a day has become part of your life style, it’s your morning coffee, your daily routine, your reason why you always can find the time to workout. So, now you really have no more excuses. Even if you want to spend your 10 minutes at the gym, at the beach, cycling or running along the coast – what is stopping you?

Is it that you’re busy? Nope. You just took almost 8 minutes to read this – you’ve got time.

Is it because your turned off by gyms or working out outside? You know, 8 minutes of squats and push ups in your pajamas does wonders.  Or, practice some home yoga.

Is it because you don’t feel like you’ve got the resources to workout? Let’s see, you’ve got your workout clothes (like I said, they can even be pajamas), you’ve probably got your favorite playlist, some headphones, and luckily, there’s something to put that all together. With SlimClipCase, you can clip your phone on you while you’re doing your daily 8 minutes, weather that is running, HIIT, cycling, etc. You’ve got a hands-free solution.

So really – you have NO excuses.

Are you ready to change your life ? 🙂  


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