How to be a Fit & Healthy Mom Part 2: Eating Right + healthy recipes

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Break out the bakeware.

Sure, you’ve learned a lot about different ways to squeeze in a quick exercise, but working out if only half the job. Every fit mom knows that killer abs are made in the kitchen, so in addition to your new yoga mat and medicine balls, you’ll also need to be equipped with a few handy, healthy recipes.

But before we dive into the fun part (or the not-so-fun part for those of us who dread kitchen duty), let’s test the waters and explore how important clean eating is to a family. To give us the rundown, we turned to Kimberly Olsen, a certified nutritional consultant, personal trainer, author, blogger and mom who specializes in helping super busy moms be healthy!

Kimberly, or FitKim as her followers know her, realized a need for a lifestyle change after she  gained forty pounds in college. After being prescribed five different medications, her body started shutting down and she realized it was time to figure this whole “nutrition” thing out.

But of course, eating healthy isn’t as easy as it seems. Preparing healthy meals for a family week by week can take more than you’re willing to give. If you ask Kim, “The biggest obstacle to living a truly healthy lifestyle is time and money. Finding the time to meal plan, prep, workout, etc. is very difficult, especially when you have a young family like I do. And let’s face it-eating organic unprocessed food is more expensive!”


Thankfully, she’s managed to overcome this issue by making the commitment to make fitness a priority and sacrificing time suckers, like television. “I didn’t even know all of the Kardashian sisters’ names until my last maternity leave,” she jokes. And for the money aspect, she views the additional grocery expense as an investment in my families health and offsets it by not eating out at restaurants.

It can be overwhelming to tackle healthy eating at first, so Kim recommends starting with the crowding out method. “Try to incorporate one smoothie daily, a salad and then a side of veggies at dinner and not worry so much about what else makes its way into your diet that day,” she says. “Overtime, you will eventually want more of the real, whole foods, and less of the ‘bad’ stuff.”

Kim’s biggest struggle as a busy mom? Not only does she work full time, but she’s also committed to making sure we all have healthy lunches packed for the next day, baby food is made and stocked in the freezer, and of course, making a commitment to have quality time with her husband. “It seems that everyone else’s needs are more important than my own, but I’ve find a nice balance where I can make my own health a priority and in the end be a better mom and wife,” she said. 

Healthy Recipes from FitKim

  • Green smoothies are the absolutely easiest way to get tons of servings of fruits and veggies into your diet.  
  • Kim also loves to find unique ways to make salads taste amazing. Here’s a cool way she’s come up with to prep five salads all at once for the week. 
  • During the cooler months, Kim really encourages people to do a liquid lunch so they can fill up on fiber but not over do it. This is her current favorite soup recipe
  • For dinner, FitKim likes to find ways to get a ton of veggies in the meal without everyone realizing it! Try her stir fry method. 
  • And just like anyone, she loves yummy treats as well! One of her go-to desserts is a delicious, bake-free cookie recipe.

For more delicious advice, order The FitKim Lifestyle book featuring 30 of her favorite recipes and subscribe to her blog.



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