How to Incorporate the Benefits of Dancing into Your Fitness Routine

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You do not have to be the best dancer in the world to reap the benefits of dancing. Make sure that you buy costumes for dancers before incorporating dance into your fitness routine. If dancing is not your forte, you could benefit by adding these principles to your workout:

Timing and Rhythm

Proper dancing involves great timing and rhythm. When you see a group of people dancing, it is easy to spot the best dancers because they move flawlessly and effortlessly. Moreover, if you are an avid gym goer, your body will be comfortable with different types of movements.

When you are in the gym, fluid movements are not just about looking the part, they are also a huge indicator of your overall health. If your body is not aligned properly because of weakness and tightness, it will show. Moving rhythmically benefits your body by keeping it healthy.

If you want to incorporate dance into your workout sessions, you should focus on feeling the movements of your body to make your exercises graceful and smooth. When you start moving as if you are dancing, you will feel healthier and get better results from your exercises.

Heart Rate Ready

Dance always challenges your cardiovascular system because it moves from slow to fast and vice versa. Dancing tends to have periods of low and high intensity that do not have much rest in between them. When you keep your heart rate high for at least thirty minutes a day, you will lower your risk of suffering from chronic disease later.

If you are dancing to high intensity parts of a song, you will raise your heart rate significantly. Your heart rate will be so high that your body will keep burning calories and consuming oxygen long after you have finished your workout. In your next gym session, you should keep your body moving between different sets to ensure your heart rate remains high.

If you are feeling bold, you should try to perform intervals on the treadmill or bike. Doing so will allow you to burn more calories in one workout session.

Move around

In dance, you do not just stand in one spot; you have to move around in all directions. Your body is built to do much more than sit around or stand still. Dance will have you moving in all directions, twisting, and turning. Although starting with controlled and linear exercises is a good idea, the human body loves to move in all directions.

You should try exercises that allow you to move rotationally and laterally if you want to activate your dominant muscles, correct posture alignment problems, and rectify imbalances. When working out, you should challenge yourself to do tough moves that do not just require you to move backwards and forward.

Spice up Boring Routines and Beat Old Age

The best medicine for reducing the risk of injuries and falls in old age is dance. As people get older, their risk of falling increases due to balance problems and muscle deterioration. You can counter these problems with regular exercise to keep your muscles limber and strong.

Steady and slow dances such as ballroom dance are great for exercising your joints, core, and stabilizing the muscles. When you start dancing regularly, you will become more aware of your movements and muscle groups. If you think that staying off your feet is one way to avoid nasty falls, you are wrong; remaining immobile for long periods will cause your muscles to atrophy, which increases your chances of falling.


Objectives of Exercise

Whenever you go to the gym, you should aim to:

–          Remain limber so that your joints do not stiffen up

–          Get your blood pumping to increase your heart rate

–          Strengthen your muscles to make sure that they remain active

If you can find somewhere more interesting than a gym to achieve these goals, it will make it easier to remain motivated. Dancing is the best remedy for those who are looking to diversify their workout routines.



The above tips will help you to incorporate the best aspects of dance into your workout routine. Just make sure that you start slowly to get your body used to it.


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