How to Prevent Skin Outbursts in the Gym

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There are many benefits of going to the gym, from improving your physique to getting rid of stress. However, there are a couple of downfalls as well. Needless to say, exercising leads to sweating no matter how many deodorants you use, and as natural as sweating can be, it can still make it much easier for bacteria to penetrate your skin and cause outbursts. In general, touching your face at the gym can lead to skin issues since the gym equipment is used by many people every day; it can never be clean enough for your face. So, to help you deal with this problem, here are a few ways in which you can prevent skin outbursts.

No touching

As mentioned, touching your face with your hands while working out can lead to breakouts. So, make sure not to do that, at least not until you take a shower after the workout. If you have long hair, tie it in a ponytail, and keep any strands away from your face. Otherwise, the hair products you use could also get in contact with your face, clog your pores, and cause acne.



Be gentle

After the workout, when you hit the shower, don’t be too harsh on your skin. Don’t scrub too hard, as there is simply no need for that. Too much exfoliation can dehydrate your skin, which can then lead to eczema or acne. The best thing you could do is gently wash away the sweat with a quality foaming cleanser. Also, you should take a shower as soon as you can, since the longer you stay sweaty, the greater the chance of bacteria clogging your pores and harming your skin. If you really are in a rush, wipes with salicylic acid are a good temporary solution. You can use one side for the top part of your face and the other for the bottom part, so you don’t spread the bacteria all over your face.



Pay attention to your whole body

Don’t forget that your face is not the only part of your body that can come in contact with the equipment. So, even if your face looks clean, your back may not. Luckily, there are many quality anti-acne body sprays for those a bit harder to reach places. You should also use an antibacterial body soap when showering after the gym, and do your best to actually wash your back regardless of how hard it may be to reach.

Go easy on the makeup

Make-up and gym don’t really go that well together. However, if there is somebody you like at the gym, or if you simply can’t go there bare-faced, make sure to at least use a lighter base that won’t clog up your pores. There are many mineral-based makeup products that are safe to use, you just need to find those that match your skin type. Also, don’t go overboard with the mascara, since you will sweat most of it off. After all, you can always take a few minutes after the shower to fix your post-workout look. And if blemishes do appear, there are great products that can help you remove skin blemishes and look like a workout goddess in no time.




No matter how wet you might feel after a gym session, the sweat is not exactly the kind of moisture your skin is looking for. After you take a shower, you’ll still need to replenish the water you’ve lost during exercising. So, in order to avoid breakouts, use an oil-free moisturizer that is less likely to clog your pores. If your skin is a bit drier, though, you should choose a light and rich cream because your skin would be able to absorb it more easily.

Get the right gear

What you’re wearing at the gym can make a difference when it comes to your skin. If your workout clothes are too heavy or too harsh on your skin, you will sweat more, and you’re more likely to cause blemishes to appear. This is completely unnecessary, as there are fabrics that can make you move easier, look better, and even sweat less. So, don’t go to the gym in your usual sweatpants and oversized shirt – do some research on the kind of clothes you should wear, and if you can afford it, buy a few quality skin-friendly clothing items. If you use a mat, make sure it’s always clean and wipe it with some alcohol before your session. A good choice can be a cork mat since it’s natural and easy to maintain.


Staying active is extremely important when it comes to your health. However, sharing the equipment and working out in an environment where many people do the same can harm your skin. Therefore, take care of it as much as you can, so once you get the body you’re working for, you will also have shiny skin to go along with it.


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