There once was a guy named Andy…

Andy, like many other athletes, was on the hunt for a thin iPhone case that would:

A. Protect his phone without doubling the size

B. Allow him to admire the beauty of a sleek, chiseled iPhone

C. Be lightweight and convenient for a workout

But where would he find a phone case that was protective, but not bulky? Something lightweight, but not accident prone?

Andy pooled the powers of the internet and discovered that such cases do exist! Then, he created the charts below to help breakdown each of his four discoveries. To help with his decision, he broke each case down by size, weight, warranty and color availability. As you’ll see, each case provides feather-light protection, but the SlimClip Case is the only iPhone accessory that was lightweight, shock-resistant and workout-friedly, thanks to the case’s built-in clip.


slimclip case v4

SlimClip Case
  • Sure-grip Surface
  • Shock + moisture resistant
  • Many colors available
  • 365 Day Warranty
  • Clips to your body

Peel Case
  • Plastic & Nylon Material
  • No additional protection
  • No additional colors available
  • No warranty
  • Awkward feeling of armband bulk while running or working out

  • Nylon & Polyester Material
  • iPhone tucked away and inaccessible without taking it out
  • Many colors available
  • 1-year warranty
  • iPhone makes a flopping around fulcrum inside the belt and can get soggy inside

Spigen Air Skin
  • Nylon Material
  • iPhone inaccessible unless taken out of pouch
  • Few Colors Available
  • 1-year warranty
  • iPhone can flop around while working out or running

Need a protective phone case without the built-in bulk?