Master the art of a Muscle Up

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There’s just one question.


There will be sweat.

There will be blisters.

How long can you hold onto the iron?


What is a muscle up?

Before defining it, be informed that it involves two phases. The pull up and push up. If you are good at them (able to engage the target muscles and not just squeezing out the number of reps), you shall not have much problem executing a perfect muscle up.



A muscle up is a combination exercise that falls in the area of calisthenics. It is a combination of a pull-up and then a dip. This exercise can be performed both on a bar and exercise rings.

Muscles Targeted

This exercise engages muscle groups in the shoulders, arms (both biceps and triceps), chest, and back. After the bar or ring is at chest level, the triceps are engaged for the final motion upwards.

How To

Muscle Ups start with a person’s arms stretched above the head and holding on to a bar or rings. The arms then pull up the body in an explosive speed till the bar reaches the chest level. The wrists are then brought into play to push the person’s forearms above the rings or bar. The body is then leaned towards the front and the triceps are activated to straighten the elbows. The exercise is completed when the rings or bar level to the waist with the arms straight.



STEP ONE: Get hold of a pull up bar with your thumbs positioned in a comfortable way.

STEP TWO: Pull yourself up in an explosively and in a slight arc-like shape slightly away from the bar. The chest should be coming towards the bar.

STEP THREE: Move your knees up towards the chest as you pull yourself up.

STEP FOUR: Firmly grip your hands on the bar and press them down as you pull your body upwards.


So, a muscle up is a motion where you grab the bar above your head, pull yourself up (in the correct manner i.e focused upon later in this article), followed by pushing up your torso above the bar using your shoulders and triceps. The transition will solely depend upon how strong you are, not aesthetic.

If you’re able to execute it….. Your muscles are going to be on fire!

Of course, it’s easier said than done. One needs to prepare for weeks in order to perform even a single muscle up. You are going to need a lot of motivation to achieve that.

The preparation will involve pull and push movements. Talking about pull ups, a person in his muscle up days’ can probably do 20-23 pull ups. If you’re able to perform 10 push ups in one go, you should be able to do a single muscle up.

It would generally take a novice a time of 90 days to perform 5 muscle ups until

But! If you have fallen in love with the muscle up and wish to progress onto the next
level, start performing the muscle up with a single arm. You are dare!




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