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Nike Fuelband is an accelerometer based wrist band that tracks your daily movements and calculates Nike Fuelpoints based on your movements.  You set your daily activity goals in Nike Fuel and attempt to make your daily goal, break your previous daily records, weekly records, and previous records for a particular day of the week.  The Fuelband also tracks steps, calories burned over your calculated baseline calorie expenditure and keeps the time.  You can also follow th progress and compete with your friends by syncing with Facebook.  There are apps for Andriod, iphone, ipad, and the Nike Fuel website where the fuelband can be synced to track your progress and set goals.

From first hand experience I can say that this is an extremely effective tool in motivating school aged kids, teenagers and adults to be more active and exercise!  Excited yet?

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  • Nike Fuelband

Nike Fuelband

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Nike’s Fuelband is a Wonderful Modern Tool to stay motivated and inspired to reach your fitness and health goals.  SlimClip Case is another great tool to Get You to Your Goals!

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