Plyometrics: elevating your explosive athletic performance & avoiding injury

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Plyometrics, also known as “Jump training”or “plyos”.



In general plyometrics are a group of exercises in which muscles exert repetitive, maximum amount of force at very short intervals.  Plyometric workouts focus mainly on multiplying strength levels so you can gain more explosive strength and generate power quickly.  Muscles are forced to move from eccentric (stretch) to concentric (flexed) contraction rapidly.


Some people often argue that weight training is better than plyometrics. In reality, both are very different. One shall choose among the two according to his or her fitness goal. The plyometric type activates a group of muscle fibre (fast-twitch muscle fibre). Additional benefits include fat loss, endurance and a noticeable improvement in your athletic performance.


Weight training on the other hand recruits a more wide range of muscle fibers thereby requiring muscles to hypertrophy (grow) more.


Athletic and Health Benefits



Plyometrics are actively used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to improve strength of the muscle and power. A benefit of using plyometrics in your training regimen is that the intensity level can be varied, therefore it can be used by anyone wanting to improve their muscle strength no matter what the level of fitness. There are a wide range of exercises available and you can find those for which you do not need specialized equipment.


Plyometrics improves not only muscle endurance and strength but also increases the metabolic rate which leads to weight loss and improves the heart rate.


A person can burn more calories while indulging in plyometric than just cardio exercises. He/she can use the explosive strength with the plyometric principle. When talking about
future gains, when you do engage yourself in a core strength based training, you will surely learn that you are able to lift heavier.


The disadvantage that comes with plyometric exercises is that it is complimented with a relatively high risk of injuries. Since it’s a type that involves a lot of jumping and joint movements, it can have a damaging effect on your joints.


In order to minimize the risk of injuries it is best to start with basic exercises when starting out with Plyometrics. Right off the block is to learn the proper technique to take-off and land during a jump while doing plyometric drills. This can prevent ACL and ankle injuries. It teaches you the proper body position to maintain and how to be in control during landing.


You can start with simple exercises like Jump Squats, Broad and Truck Jumps and gradually progress to multiple jumps where you complete all the jumps without resting.


Benefits of plyometrics


Burning Calories
As you muscles become more defined, you shed the fat as it’s converted to glucagon which provides energy for the muscles.


More strength
Your abilities to handle heavier jobs and have more control over you body increases as the muscles become accustomed to being exercised.

You do not need expensive equipment or a trainer, just some few YouTube tutorials(readily available) and you are a guru. You can have tires, crates and even buckets for this. For the latter two, make sure they are not easily breakable to ensure you do not get an injury.

All in all, whenever doing any exercise make sure you are cautious,have the necessary gear and if possible, involve professional help. This will help you reap optimal benefits and you won’t regret paying any single coin. If you are unable to, just follow any of the numerous professional trainers that volunteer to help you online.


Do not compromise with your diet. Make time and train hard. Sleep enough.



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