Running Training Essentials (Whether You’re Training For A 5k Or A Marathon)

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In order to stay fit and healthy different people use different training methods and fitness programs.  Some prefer to go to a gym and some prefer running. According to surveys the reason more people prefer running over other physical workouts because it can help you:
Benefits of Running


Regular consistent running is necessary if you want to participate in any running competition, whether it’s a 5k or a marathon.
Taper training is a training process that helps in maintaining the intensity of your runs but reduces the volume of training in a gradual manner. It’s done just 1-2 weeks before a competitive event. People usually go for taper runs because it helps you revive the stores of fuel in your body and helps with with recovery of your muscles.


Tapering for a Marathon? Here’s What You Need to Know


10 performance tips from running experts and trainers
The tips provided by Alex Figueroa, a running coach and trainer, are provided here under to help you in improving your performance.
  1. Do not land on your heels: According to Alex Figueroa, a running coach, instead of touching ground with your heels you should use your forefoot to land on the ground while running otherwise it can cause pain in knee and back.
  2. Do not use midsole of your foot to land on: Figueroa further says that your muscles can bear the weight of your body when you land on your forefoot instead of your midsole. It will also reduce the effect of impact on your bones and joints.
  3. Do not take long strides: If you take a long strides then you will have to leap forward that will drain out your energy and make your run inefficient. You can take a long stride to control yourself if you feel that you might fall any moment during the race.
  4. Avoid wearing ultra-cushioned shoes: When your shoe supports your foot then its muscles will not work properly and make your body susceptible for injury because they will be focused on the framework of the foot.
  5. Take effective and short strides: Figueroa further states that you can improve your running efficiency by taking short but effective strides as they can improve the life of the joints reducing their movement.
  6. Invest on running shoes: You can naturally develop strong muscles in your ankle and feet, by wearing the running shoes with minimum support, in a gradual manner.
  7. Do not run as fast as you can: Running with your full potential can exhaust your energy very quickly. When you run slowly then you can control your heart rate and gradually increase your speed to your set level without pushing yourself hard.
  8. Practice to run faster and longer: You should work on techniques and form instead of speed to run faster and for longer distances. You can walk between the running intervals to improve your performance.
  9. Do not use odometer every time: According to Figueroa, the distance run by you cannot tell about your progress. You can track your performance by monitoring your heart rate monitor as well as the amount of time you ran.
  10. Run for time: You can improve your performance by running the same distance in lesser time which can be done by proper running training.

10 Essential Running Products & Accessories for your Running Training


Running shoes
The most important thing required for runners not only during training but also for the main event is the right pair of shoes.  They should fit according to the shape of your feet to allow you to run more comfortably, efficiently, and injury free.


NIKE Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe


Tracker watch


These devices can help you in tracking the distance travelled and amount of time you ran along with keeping up with the calories burned. They are available in many different forms from which you can choose as per your liking and budget.


Garmin Vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch


Music system/headphones


Some runners like to listen to the music of your choice to encourage them while running whereas some consider it a kind of distraction. So if you like to listen to the music to improve your performance then you should find a music system and headphones that can download your favorite music and play clearly when required.


Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone 


Athletic tape


An athletic tape can help in providing stability and support to your body without obstructing its movement as it helps in avoiding injuries, pains and aches while running for marathon or long race.


KT Tape Pro Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape


Protection from sun
You can buy a lightweight and properly fit sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun-rays while running in broad day light for long runs or marathon. You can also use them when you are not running.


adidas Pacyr Running Sunglasses


Sports bra
For female runners it is essential to reduce the movement of their breasts and to avoid stretching of the ligaments around them.


Oiselle Women’s Verra Bra


Running Socks
Runners should buy socks designed especially for running, do not have irritating seams, quick drying, and curved like the shape of your feet.

Stance Mens Run Timeframe Tab LW Socks


Running T-Shirt
T-shirts made of moisture wicking materials is an essential for runners to prevent chaffing (and for basic comfort).


Nike Mens Breathe Rapid Challenger Running T-Shirt


SlimClip Case


You can easily avoid the use of uncomfortable armbands, bulky clip cases and soggy flipbelts (or fannybelts) to hold your android phone or iPhone just by using SlimClip Case. You can also avoid stuffing your Smartphone in your bra or hand while running by using SlimClip Case



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