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Running is probably the oldest sport and fitness routine in the world.  As a sport, running is now considered one of the most popular leisure and competitive activities on the planet.  The number of benefits of running are so large that it’s hard to over state: from increased aerobic physical performance, lowering stress hormone levels, to the cardiovascular benefits.  The most avid runners (the one’s you see out on the wettest, coldest days) would also tell you that their sport liberates them with a feeling that gives happiness that lasts for a long time after running.



Running has other advantages.  For one thing, you can do it almost anywhere.  From the largest cities on earth to an idyllic forest path; you can find a sidewalk or a trail to run on anytime.


Running is no longer just for loners, because now there are running clubs sprouting up everywhere.  And it’s easier than ever to find one and get involved.  You could say that running clubs are the new, green smoothie drinking, crunchy granola bikers clubs 🏍!



With every run, you’re building on a foundation of habitual health through staying active and fit.   That being said, it’s imperative you use the proper form and technique when you’re putting in some serious miles.  Just as important as the right technique while jogging are the right equipment and the right accessories.


Here are a few Running accessories to consider (though the great thing about running is that none of these are absolutely necessary 😉)




Anyone who calls him or herself a runner goes jogging regularly. Wind, light and weather conditions usually do not matter. For example, an ambitious runner goes early at dawn in the summer, at a time when it’s not too hot, or at dusk in the evening.  Then comes autumn, the days are shorter, it gets dark earlier and still a runner needs to go out of the house for training.



A headlamp can make your training in the wee morning or late evening hours safer and much less scarier.
Experienced runners report on a wide range of headlamps with a plethora of many technical specs, ranging from attachments, various weights, battery operation, adjustable luminosity, light range, and many other comfort elements.


The most important element to pay attention to is the weight of a headlamp. It should not be heavy (for obvious reasons).


The headlamps are mostly LED lamps.  The luminosity of such lamps is sometimes over 100 m wide and can illuminate a wide field of view. The range and field of view are often adjustable, so you have the perfect view of the running track both in the forest and in the city. Some of these high-tech headlamps even hide automatically. It is also important that the straps, straps or straps of the headlamp are easy to clean and as washable as possible.


Multifunctional Scarves

Especially practical for running are the so-called multifunctional running scarves. A product that brings some fashion into running while taking on many functions. Multifunctional scarf cloths protect you from sun and UV rays in summer or from wind and weather in winter. Every runner should have one, whether he wears it as a scarf, as a headscarf, cap, a hair band, or headband. The tubular cloth can do everything and in extreme cases can serve like an balaclava for cold days.



Good multifunctional cloths are either made of modern microfibers or a natural product such as merino wool. They are always dimensionally stable, seamlessly round, and usually sufficiently elastic.  Synthetic fiber fabrics, multifunctional towels are often treated with antibacterial treatment. All such materials are breathable and moisture-regulating, making them particularly suitable for use in running. As a fashion item, they can be used to show your personality.




Running is usually sweaty – that is, the body loses fluid. Drinking is especially important when running. In order to not get dehydrated, there are special hydration systems that allow a runner to replenish water balance during your run.


Teton Sports Trailrunner 2 Liter Hydration Backpack


Every runner knows the problem: A normal water bottle is hard to bring along on a run.  Your hands must be free.  And it’s about the weight distribution of the hydration reserve on the body. Practical and tested under running conditions are special hydration packs and drinking belts. In these hydration packs liquid bags can be easily transported and the runner can comfortably drink through a hose connected with it. The other solution is drinking belts. They usually have a holder for one or more bottles that are easily removable while jogging. Usually these belts are offered together with the bottles as a set, since the bottles are matched to the belt size and bracket and usually have a special, easy-to-open drinking cap.




Depending on the running distance, but generally always recommended if you’re running at dawn, dusk, or where visibility at all can be an issue (i.e. tunnels) is a reflective safety vest or a special sleeve with a fluorescent strip.


Reflective Band for Wrist, Arm, Ankle, Leg. High Visibility Reflective Running Gear 


Fitness Watch / Tracker


If you want to keep an eye on your progress, a good fitness bracelet is a must. Such bracelets help track sleep, steps taken, heart rate, resting heart rate, running routes, calories burned, altitude covered, etc. Fitbits keep topping the list for such bracelets. You forward the collected data directly to your smartphone while combining design and functionality. Make sure that the fitness bracelet of your choice is water-resistant so that it will not be damaged even in contact with sweat and rain.  Of course if you have an Apple Watch, you’re already good to go!


Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch


Running Socks


The right stockings are almost as important as the right shoes. The wrong stocking will cause painful blisters over short or long distances. Good running socks have an anatomical footbed. The left and right stockings differ to ensure a better fit and comfort. Competition-oriented runners often rely on thinner socks to improve power transmission. Thicker socks, on the other hand, offer more padding – so there’s a lot to consider when choosing a stocking.


Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks


Water Bottle


Especially for longer runs, regular drinking is extremely important so that the body does not dehydrate. There are a variety of hydration systems available. For example, some rely on drinking belts, while others prefer to bring a backpack. There are also bottles with handles that are very easy to hold in your hand. Ultimately, it depends on one’s own preferences.



SlimClip Case


Music motivates us to move . For many runners, a good playlist is therefore very important, so that when running no boredom comes up and the last few kilometers can be overcome easily. The online streaming service of your choice (Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube / Amazon / Pandora)  is extremely helpful. If you use your smartphone to listen to music, then you also need a solution to secure your phone while you run.



Fitness armbands and FlipBelt / FannyBelt solutions can do the trick but they can be quite bulky, itchy, uncomfortable, and an inconvenience to get to your phone when you need it.   SlimClip Case offers a perfectly fitting solution that is conveniently always with you when you need it, comfortable, secure, and easy to get to your phone when you want to get to it.


Basically, running is a sport that does not need a lot of accessories. Nevertheless, you will find shelves full of running equipment in every sports shop. But not everything makes sense. What is really helpful, every runner has to decide for himself.


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