The Essential CrossFit Guide for Your Best WOD

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CrossFit has a number of practical, psychological, and social advantages over other workout methods.   The core principle of CrossFit, the WOD (Workout Of the Day) is a mix of conditioning and power exercises that uses bodyweight movements, powerlifting, functional strength movements, running, and other aerobic exercises to build a vast base of strength and muscular endurance.  Paralleling the advantages of HIIT (high intensity interval training) that anecdotally and scientifically have been proven to be highly effective without the endless hours traditionally spent at the gym in order to achieve results.

Here are some of the Top 9 benefits of CrossFit fitness training

1. Intensity:

CrossFit is quick paced, a great exercise that lasts 15 minutes every day due to the fact that quarter of the hour will be consolidated, relentless movement. You could just go for 3 or 4 schedules, for instance, burpees, a quick run, as well as squats. However, the notion is for you to continue doing each one of them again and again against the time you have set for yourself.

2. Inspiration:

The goal to CrossFit is intensity, yet covered up in that reality is you’re inalienably driving yourself to accomplish the most you that can from each activity in the exercise. Everybody desires outcomes, however not every person invests the effort. Inside a customary exercise center, it’s very easy to jump reps all over or sneak a more extended break, but since the CrossFit exercise is customized, there’s no choice besides to maximize yourself.

3. Time effective:

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In a matter of 15 or 20 minutes, you’ll have to finish the multiple rounds from a particular circuit. Before its finish, in view of the previously mentioned effort and power, you’ll have consumed a tremendous number of calories, expending more energy than even an hour of most other exercise methods.


4. Building connections:

In a CrossFit schedule, it’s networking a community. You’re enveloped by a number of individuals – mostly strangers (at first!) – Who motivate you and aid you to drive you to and past your perceived limits.

5. Dynamic exercises:

The exercises are always challenging and at times down right difficult due to the fact that they are multidimensional and demand every muscle group and muscle fiber type. When doing a CrossFit WOD, you’re not simply heading off to the exercise center to climb steps or muscle up. It’s a routine that blends a wide range of activities which push all the parts of a body as far as possible.

6. Individualization:

CrossFit classes are done by the expert mentor to guarantee the desired suitable form, give changes, consolation, maintain standards, and at times give you a “no rep” when they see you not accomplishing something legitimately.

7. Enhanced heart wellbeing:

Your heart rate remains raised all through the entire exercise which builds endurance. Actually, information from the American Council on Exercise case study depicts that members’ heart rates became lifted to a 90 percent maximum rate of the heart, that was achieved all through two CrossFit exercises.

8. An increment in joint portability:

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This is a consequence of the shifted useful mobility associated with a CrossFit exercise – you’re not simply doing easy bicep twists, but rather moving your appendages in every way.

9. General enhanced wellbeing:

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CrossFit was made to center around all around fitness demands: stamina, coordination, strength, power, flexibility speed, endurance, balance, agility, and accuracy. This is accomplished by advancing neurological and hormonal adjustments over the greater part of the metabolic pathways.


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Another great advantage of CrossFit as a fitness program is that it doesn’t require you to plan or bring much to the workout program.  The CrossFit instructors design and plan the WODs and all you really need to bring if yourself and a great attitude.

That being said there are a few things that will help you enjoy CrossFit and help make your program more successful.


Now and again you require an additional assistance to get started up for a session. This is especially helpful if you’ve been up a little late and need a little kick.  It also has some creatinine that helps with muscle recovery too.  Keep a couple of the Complete Pre-Workout Gels™ in your gym pack. They have organic stimulants such as Citrulline Malate, Taurine, Beta Alanine, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and Caffeine for a managed jolt of energy in addition to mental core interest. They also aid diminish RPE and exhaustion so you have a stunning session.



Be real, do you take enough water prior to and during your training? Those small water bottles simply can’t cut it. Get yourself the half gallon water container and you’ll hydrate yourself adequately.

3.) Run Gum

This is pretty Bad-A$$, really!  It’s really an energy drink in the form of gum, that way your stomach doesn’t get filled with liquids sloshing around in your stomach while your running, lifting, jumping, etc..  I highly recommend this!  Great stuff!



In case you’re lifting weights, you don’t require your hold to fail you. Keep a container of liquid chalk in your bag. Liquid chalk dries in a split second without leaving any powdery buildup over the bars or floors, yet it functions simply like free chalk to aid your hold on substantial exercises like deadlifts.


5.) Lifting Straps

Another great solution for ensuring a secure grip while doing powerlifting movements are lifting straps.  Lifting straps are a core tool for power lifters and high level athletes that are well versed in doing power cleans, snatches, etc. but aren’t well known to most casual weight lifters.  It’s great to lift without these as much as you can but there are times when you’re lifting super heavy deadlifts or trying to push your max for snatches and cleans that you just need a little more grip strength to get to that next level.



In case you’re not kidding about hunching down, think about putting resources into squat shoes. These tough shoes have a raised foot sole area worked in, to place you in an ideal position for extraordinary frame and depth.  Your really shouldn’t e lifting in running shoes.  Only shoes that are properly constructed for lifting are going to give you the proper stabily and foot positioning to make for safe and effective power lifting that is required for CrossFit training.


7.) SlimClip Case

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Forget about the Hassles of the Awkward Armbands, Big Clip Cases, stuffing your bra, or Death Gripping your mobile phone while you Work out. Actually, none of these are practical for CrossFit training at all.  That being said, we all want to keep our phones with us all the time.  The SlimClip Case allows you to workout without worrying where to put your mobile phone. You’ll forget that you even have it on you, really.


Eliminate the distractions of Awkward, Bulky, & Annoying Fitness Armbands and Soggy Inconvenient Fanny Belts – Get the Secure & Convenient solution with SlimClip Case