The Pros and Cons of Limiting Your Workout To Only A Gym

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So you either just got your fancy gym duffle from your local gym or have been sporting it for years, and you’ve actually warmed up to it quite a bit. Mainly because every time you head to the gym, you take locker number 117, lock up your things and throw on your same pump-up playlist.

You end up doing the same yoga/pump/spin class or head directly to the same machine, with the motivation that you’ll do better than last week, or yesterday – and you do! There’s a big comfort in knowing that you see the same smiling faces walking in and out of the doors and you’ve overcome the fear of working out in public.

But, could there actually be some downsides to always just hitting the gym?

Not necessarily.

The downsides lay more in the opportunity cost – you know, in regards to working out, what you could be doing instead of going to the gym.Taking your workouts outside or working out in other ways holds some great benefits as well. So, here’s a breakdown of the good side and the bad side of only going to the gym. By the end of this, you may find yourself inspired to go beyond your gym membership, and at the same time, still loving it even more everyday! Ready?


Going to the gym without a doubt has many benefits, especially if it’s that push that got you to stick to your workout routine. And, of course – if the gym works for you, stick to it! There’s a long list of pros such as:


You get full access to specified classes and the ability to try a new class any time you feel like. This way you can easily learn new things and switch up your workout routine. You already know the schedules, so you can choose based on your availability, which is super convenient. Often, gyms offer classes at all different levels, so it’s easy to find where you’re at and then improve.


If your gym offers a spa, or some facilities like it, such as those massage chairs (don’t pretend like you don’t use them sometimes), a sunnah, or even Yoga classes (okay at least savasana) take full advantage of them. The ability to relax is a total luxury, and besides – who will ever know if you took an extra 10 minutes at the end of your class to sit in the sunnah or massage chair? Taking time for yourself and mastering the ability to relax is a huge asset in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we forget that relaxation is just as important as hard work!


You’d be surprised when you you look at the number of couples who have met at a gym….9% to be exact. Considering there are a tons of people who frequently go to the same gym, you’re bound to meet someone – even a gym buddy. There’s nothing better than another person for your motivation! Or, if you go the route of a personal trainer, seeing their smiling face every gym session will definitely motivate and inspire you. Even breaking it down to when you enter and exit the gym, seeing the welcoming staff creates a great atmosphere for improving and hitting your fitness goals!


We’re quite lucky – typically in North America most gyms are open even on the Holidays! This automatically knocks out your excuses of the rain, or snow interfering with your workout. Plus, gyms around your neighbourhood always have the same opening and closing time, making it super convenient to squeeze a quick workout into your schedule.


So up until now, we’ve talked about how awesome the gym is – because, well, it is. But only limiting your routine to the gym isn’t always the best policy. Taking your workout outside or switching it up and playing sports is a great opportunity to amp up your workout, and reap all the benefits from soaking up the sun and fresh air. Plus you don’t have to deal with some of the downsides of the gym, such as:


Since you’re paying x amount of dollars per month to secure your gym membership, it creates an obligation to always head to the gym – even when you realllly don’t want to. Yes, for motivation, this is great. But, it can be a double-sided sword when you don’t make it to the gym. Let’s say it’s holiday seasons, or a really busy time at work, and you’ve skipped your weekly class one, and now two weeks in a row. Instead of motivating you to go to your next class, the membership can make you feel guilty when you slip up a few times, and of course – can add up in price.


Unless your gym is one of the coolest gyms ever, chances are that it’s probably indoors.  That means you’re always confined to workout out indoors, even if it’s a beautiful day outside. Think about it – you sit for 8 hours per day at your air conditioned office, just to spend another 2 hours in the air conditioned gym. As mentioned, actually going to the gym isn’t a bad thing – but totally excluding working out outside isn’t a good thing. If you’re into running, plan to hit up some beautiful trials. Or if you live in a warm climate, going on hikes, practicing yoga on a beach or in a park, or taking your dog for a run/speed walk are great ways to get your heart rate up and move different muscles, in addition to soaking up the vitamin D your body needs!


Without a doubt, the gym is efficient and timely at the same time. Wait what? It can be efficient in the sense that all the machines and classes are there to help you get straight into your workout….on a good day. If you live in a hustling city, chances are that your gym can often become overcrowded, leaving you with the inconvenience of having to line up and wait for a machine, or a class becoming too full. Factoring the travel time it takes to get to and from the gym, in addition to the line ups and crowdedness… sometimes you’re better off doing a home HIIT session! (or park, or beach, or wherever you feel comfortable)

Always Having People Around

And of course, we come to the last downside of having a gym membership.. And that’s your personal space. It’s no question that walking into a room of people grunting and sweating and lifting heavy weights may not be your cup of tea… everyday. Especially if you don’t vibe really well with some people in your class or your yoga instructor (it happens). Besides, no one likes someone else’s arms and legs flopping around you as you’re trying to get into your zen or workout mode. 


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