Top 15 Best iPhone 7 Cases For Running & Working Out

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get bodied by j and slimclip case

You don’t live an ordinary life, so why should your iPhone 7 be wrapped up in an ordinary case?

If your new iPhone 7 is your favorite fitness essential, you’ll need a phone case that’s well suited for your active lifestyle. From clip-ons to armbands (see numbers 2-7 for all of your constraining, circulation cutting needs), we’ve compiled a list of the handiest cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


While some are more useful than others (number 1 is like a fitness dream come true), each design has something different to offer. Whether you want something sleek and shock resistant to combat your clumsiness, or something easy to access for texting & musical purposes, there’s sure to be at least ONE case here that meets the needs of your in-motion phone placement.


15. Spigen Slim Armor CS Case for iPhone 7

A lightweight phone case is something every runner needs, and this one just happens to come with a handy slide-out feature for storing things like cash & credit cards. Cool, right? Some are referring to it as the perfect phone-wallet combination, but unless your wallet consists of one debit card and about $5 in cash, it looks like you’ll still have a problem.
  • It won’t weigh you down.
  • You’ll be able to buy things (although we’re not sure exactly what) while you’re out for a run.
  • It doesn’t offer much protection, which kind-of defeats the purpose of a phone case.
  • You’ll want to try and store other things inside the slit, but don’t waste your time
  • It’s a bit bulky and adds a significant amount of bulk to your iPhone

14. UNU DX-7 for iPhone 7

If you’ve ever changed your mind about hitting the gym because of a dead phone (no music, no workout), those days are over. Featured as the number one charging case on iGeeks, this is a great case for those who can’t seem to keep their iPhone juice up.
  • It charges your phone..
  • It’s too heavy to actually exercise with, unless, you thoroughly enjoy the feeling of holding the weight of a dumbbell while you run.
  • Doesn’t provide any way to secure your iPhone handsfree, so whatever you’re doing be prepared to either have this heavy case bouncing around in your pocket or holding it in your hand

13. Incipio Feather Ultra Light Snap on Case


We know that weight is one of the most important factors when choosing the perfect case for your new iPhone 7, especially if you’ll be holding onto the slightly larger iPhone 7 Plus.
  • It’s a light as a feather.
  • Easy access for headphone and charging ports. Bravo!
  • Looks pretty cool, too.
  • Protection? Non-existent.   There is nothing to protect the screen, it’s essentially a skin.
  • Surface texture makes it extremely hard to hold on to.
  • You’re basically screwed if you don’t have pockets.

12. Seidio iPhone 7 Holster

For those who like to have their phone right by their side in the midst of a sweat-sesh, adding a rotatable holster-clip may be an ideal plan of action.
  • Your phone is with you at all times.
  • Handsfree workout? Hello, benchpress!
  • There’s nothing to protect it from a fall, which is bound to happen when you warm up with some good old fashioned jumping jacks.
  • It’s only useful for exercising, since the added clip is too bulky to fit in anyone’s pants pocket.
  • The design makes a fulcrum at the clip so your iPhone will flop around with ay running or strenuous activity.

 11. Urban Armour Gear Urban Armour Gear Monarch Series iPhone 7 plus case

If you’re more likely to drop your phone than you are to drop a few pounds, you may need to look into a heavy-duty   storage solution. The iPhone 6 version of this case made Heavy’s list of best workout cases for those who need help gripping their iPhone with clammy hands.
  • Super easy to hold onto as long as you don’t have small hands
  • It’d take a serious incident to break through this bad boy
  • It turns the sleek, slim design of the iPhone 7 into a big, bulky tank.
  • You’ll need some super large pockets to fit this bad boy in there.  You’ll betcha that if you fit it in your pockets it’ll be bouncing around and annoying the %$&* of you.


10.  Jimmy iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Wallet cases are normally dull, black, and boring. This case, however, adds a bit of personality to the way you jam things into your phone case.
  • Keep a few bucks on you at all times
  • Pick and choose different designs to match your workout gear
  • Things will slide out of the top if you’re not careful, and who has time to focus on being careful in the heat of intense cardio?
  • Still doesn’t provide an integrated method of securing it when you workout.

9. Cell Bee iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

Most workout apparel is created pocketless, which makes a phone case with an added clip quite a handy tool.
  • Clips right on to your shorts or yoga pants
  • The clip can be removed and the case can be used as a kickstand.
  • Protection level zero
  • The clip being removable means you’ll have actually to keep up with it.. Good luck!
  • Oh, that fulcrum problem again – the clip gives the case a fulcrum when clipped on so it will flop around when you run or get serious about any movement.

 8. iPhone 7 Unicorn Beetle Pro Holster Case 

This case is as unique as it’s Unicorn title suggests. It offers layered protection, an easy grip surface, and an added pants clip to boot!
  • The triple layering seems like the perfect protection plan…
  • … until you realize how hard it is to take a photo, use the headphone jack, or access the phone’s buttons.
  • Oh, no…. that fulcrum problem again – the clip gives the case a fulcrum when clipped on so it will flop around when you run or get serious about any movement.
  • It’s humongous!

7. Insignia Fitness Armband fr iPhone 7


BEHOLD: The go-to accessory for beginner fitness enthusiasts. How many times have you seen a novice runner sporting the traditional black armband?
  • You can keep your phone attached to your body without pockets!
  • The sheer plastic *kind of* protects it from rain
  • The armband stinks when you sweat, but…
  • If you wash it it’ll shrink.
  • It’s too tight… Oh no, now it’s too loose….

6. GreatShield FIT Neoprene Stretchable Arm Holder

Listed as one of Sports Illustrated’s 7 best fitness armbands, the GreatShield for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus wraps snugly around your arm so that misplacing your phone becomes a thing of the past.
  • Your phone is with you at all times
  • There’s that cool-looking key slot thing
  • Your phone is attached to your arm; one of the most important body parts you’ll need when exercising.
  • Drivers, beware! That same cool-looking key slot thing only works for small house keys.

 5. Belkin Sport Fit Plus Armband for iPhone 7

Ever wonder what it’d be like to combine the bulky tank case with the fitness armband? Apparently, so did Belkin.
  • Your phone is virtually indestructible
  • People will probably ask you if you’re training for a shot-put contest or auditioning for a new i-Robot movie.

 4. SUPCASE Armband Running Mate Case

The sleeker version of our armband options, the Running Mate considerately chose not to suffocate your new iPhone 7 in a cheap, sheer plastic coating.
  • Comes with a cool, calm and collectively sweat resistant band
  • Your buttons and ports are actually exposed and available for you to use. Imagine that.
  • Cuts off your circulation in your arm, aka the focal muscle building spot on your body
  • You’ll look like a confused contortionist when trying to skip a song or reply to a text message.
  • More i-Robot accusations

3. Sporteer Kinetic Running Belt

If you prefer your circulation to be severed at the waist instead of the arm, try a fanny belt. This kinetic running belt is all the rage, but only amongst people 50 and over.
  • You’ve have  pockets, zippers, and pouches to bring along whatever your heart desires.
  • It adds inches to your waist, which is like, the complete opposite of your intended workout goals
  • You’ll look like a stuck-up prick if you wear it on top of your shirt, but then again —
  • You’ll appear to be smuggling some sort of contraband if you wear it under your shirt.

2. Camden Hydration Running Belt 

Ever wish there was a way for your water bottle to accompany you on your morning run? We all have, but we never thought someone would actually make a fanny belt featuring cup holders.
  • Store whatever you need… like WHATEVER
  • Never pass out from dehydration
  • It will %100, without a doubt, weigh you down every step of the way. Where exactly are you running to in that thing, again?
  • If you happen stumble into a baseball stadium, you’ll appear to be a traveling concessions salesman.

1. SlimClip Case


Beautiful, isn’t it? The retractable clip is so thin, you can barely even tell it’s there.
If you’re worried about your phone shattering mid-workout, don’t worry — the sure grip surface keeps it from slipping out of your fingers, and the shock absorption feature covers you in the unlikely chance it takes a tumble.
  • Wide camera opening & access to every button on the phone (as things should be)
  • Beveled front rim keeps the phone protected without the added bulk
  • Clip-Latch system secures clip to case when it’s not in use
  • Comes with a free 365 day replacement plan
  • … seems too good to be true