How You Can Improve Your Running Time With GPS And Tracking Data

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Whether you’re training for an event, running for kicks or pushing ahead with an exercise regime, a running app helps you improve your running time.


GPS and Tracker Data — Keeping a Record Means Keeping True to Your Goals

By tracking your progress from run to run, you can plan new challenges and stay motivated.

Downloading a running app to your smart phone is a doozy, and sets you up for action right away.

Sure, there are dedicated GPS watches out there, but apps are way cheaper and have more features.

As a bonus, the apps sync with your smart phone where GPS watches just add bulk — and a hole in your wallet.


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How Can GPS Help Runners?

It’s simple.

GPS helps runners improve running time by keeping track of distances and time.

It’s all the information you need to pace yourself, step by step.

Everyone knows about overtraining, but an app lets you see it happening in real time.

Pump up the performance too high, and your app will shout out.

Instead of racing on to injury, you can stop.

By introducing an element of control, apps help you build an exercise regime constructively and incrementally rather than unhelpfully and heroically.

You can map your performance and gain an understanding of your capabilities based on accurate data instead of gut feeling.

Run by run, you can better gauge and improve your progress — all without any need for ice packs or a stretcher.


Here’s Austrian marathon champ, Guenther Weidlinger, talking about training with apps.


    About The Apps

    Endomondo, RunKeeper, Pumatrac, Nike etc all have popular apps for runners.

    Simply download to your iPhone or smartphone and these apps from the big boys of fitness will help you keep track of your run.

    More general activity tracking apps like the free Nike+Move log all of your physical activities, from biking to walking and beyond, using the iPhone 5s’ built-in motion processing chip to provide personalized tracking data.


    Nike +Move

    It translates the cool factor of wearable trackers like Nike’s Fuelband, while not requiring that you remember to wear a wristband every time you want to bank fitness activities.


    What Features Can I Expect From An App?

    Most running apps will track the distance, speed and time of your run.

    Others incorporate various degrees of sophistication, from clueing you up on how many calories you’ve incinerated, to monitoring your pulse rate, all the way through to linking you with friends on social media so you can flag up your achievements.

    RunKeeper is one such app.

    It pulls up stats related to your run, helps you set goals and informs you when you achieve your targets.

    Better still, like R2D2, it has a voice.

    As you run, this feature-rich app uses audio to pitch you information.



    Pumatrak is great for scoring you at the end of each run.

    This is a real motivation boost!

    Every time you set out, there’s a whole bunch of personal bests to beat.

    pumatrac app


    Want music on the go?

    Runtastic has the peppy songs to boost you mid-run when the going gets tough.

    runtastic app


    Want to shout out to friends about your achievements?

    StravaRun has the whole social medai deal bagged and will alert everyone in your network to your Snoopy dance.

    strava run

    Want rewards?

    Then take a look at Runnit.

    With this cool customer your hard work is rewarded with cute freebies every time you hit a milestone.


    For full GPS capability, go for Map My Tracks.

    This app is on your case, and when you’re done with your run it delivers an info-rich action replay of your determination.

    You can study your route and figure where you were fastest and slowest.

    Best of all, Map My Tracks throws in real live spectators!

    If family and friends know you’re out there on a run, they can track you from the convenience of their sofas.

    map my tracks app


    But, hey — this running deal isn’t all about YOU.

    For the givers of this world who like to pay a little forward, CharityMiles donates money to charities based on how much you run.

    When you’re down to your last, it’s the perfect incentive to go the extra mile.


    Zombies, Run! has incentive too.


    When you’re on the run from those zombie hordes, with news of their pursuit buzzing from your phones speakers in the form of hilarious narrative, then, boy, it sure is time to STEP ON IT!

    No motivation to keep fit is finer than the threat of having your brains sucked out by zombies.



    Streamlined for Sport:

    When you think about improving your cycle times and performance, adding bulk and extra baggage doesn’t make the list of best practices.  Neither does sliding your phone into a pocket or pouch to get scratched and jostled.  You want to have easy access to program music for your ride, check in with maps and route information, and log your progress.

    The SlimClip iPhone case is a barely-there alternative that’s as wearable as a tracker bracelet or GPS watch, and augments your experience with all of the extras you’ve already got in your phone.

    How To Use the SlimClip Case

    What’s the number one app feature on your must-have list for improving your overall bike experience?  Share your favorite finds in our comments!

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