What to consider before choosing a Personal Trainer

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Getting fit is similar to climbing a mountain, a lot of hard work, sweat , ( maybe some tears?), but the view is unbeatable. Although, when you’re getting fit, thing about the view is that it is everlasting. Getting fit changes all your views. How you view yourself, health, and how you motivate yourself. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do for your body and mind. But the reality is, it’s very unlikely that everyone jumps out of bed every morning and wants to climb a mountain. The hardest part about getting fit is getting started. That’s why personal trainers are god sent.  


Not only do personal trainers help you stay on track and keep you motivated to hit the gym even on your busiest weeks, they also make sure your gym time brings you the most value. You probably don’t have time to sit on the elliptical for 1 hour every week, only to see minimal results. So instead, hiring a professional to fine tone workouts for your body is great idea. You also probably don’t have time to heal from an injury or strain from working out, or want to do that to your body. Working out in the wrong ways can cause some serious harm to your body, and have the possibility of creating a long term injury that is could be with you your whole life.


Investing in your future health is one of the best decisions you can make, so why jump the gun and throw your money into a trainer that may not be worth the investment? There have been horror stories of trainers pushing their clients too hard to the point of utter exhaustion or mental breakdowns. There have also been equally unfortunate stories about trainers being too lenient, and therefore making a very miniscule change, at the price of expediential change. So how do you decipher between the two? How do you know if the trainer your best friend uses is actually wrong for you, or vice versa?


Here’s some important considering factors to consider before taking the jump to get down and personal with a trainer. After all, you’ll be sharing your best and worst gym moments with them.


Check Certifications

Would you trust a doctor without a Dr. degree? Of course not. The same principal applies when choosing a personal trainer. In all gyms, studios or online, trainers need to undergo training in their profession. Whether it’s a yoga instructor, nutritionist, or CrossFit trainer – there could be a huge error in their teachings if they haven’t done proper training. If it’s not stated on their website, or when you sign up don’t be afraid to ask if they have done an exam through accredited organizations such as The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).



Weather you’re doing 1 class a week or 1 class a day, if you have a trainer you don’t vibe with it’s going seem like a chore rather than progress. The mindset of your trainer is important. You don’t want someone who makes you feel like it’s their job to go in and train you everyday. That is the least motivating energy to be around. You also don’t want a personal trainer to help you be a healthier you, when they aren’t even living your desired lifestyle. If they think lifting weights and taking supplements is an approach to holistic health, you may want to find someone else with a better mindset that works for you. Besides, you’re going to be spending a decent amount of time with them, so why not make it worth it? When you enjoy the energy of your trainer, you’re going to enjoy working out much more.


Maybe you’re someone who absolutely hates burpees (okay, I really don’t think anyone genuinely likes them) your trainer should understand that. If doing them is the dreaded part of your workout everyday, then taking a different technique is important. If your trainer gets you to do 30 jump squats and 30 pushups in two different sets, at different points in your workout, not only does this take into account that you hate burpees, it will also give them options to optimize each workout separately. Maybe you can then do jump squats on your toes, and do push ups with your arms spread-out more, in a totally different stance, thus working completely different muscles. After all, you’re paying for your own personalized workout plan, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel right for your body.



When we’re in our happy state, making the decision to go to the gym or find a trainer, we like to make promises that we might not want to keep when the time rolls around to getting up out of bed at 6am to drive across the city and go train. So, when choosing a personal trainer be realistic with yourself and don’t overpromise. If you have to drive to work in one place of the city, pick up your kids from school in another, what makes you think that you’ll be amped to drive across the city again to go to training?  If you’re not a morning person, make sure you find a trainer that can take you in the evenings and if you’re not willing to drive across the city, make sure you look at other options. Having a trainer that is accessible will make you much more likely to make every one of the sessions.


Bang For Your Buck

Here, you have to really narrow in and ask yourself why you need a personal trainer? Is it because you want to get a flat tummy and toned legs, or is it because you want to hit you target weight? Do you want to amp it up one more level and enter a competition in the next year, or do you want to really work on your flexibility? There are many reasons you may want a personal trainer, and there are many specialised trainers out there that will give you just that. Of course, sometimes this ups the price, but it’s your choice to decide if it’s worth it. Sometimes paying a little bit more for a trainer that is specialized in what is important to you, makes all the difference.


Consider Online

Today, you can nearly do anything online.  If you have a specific goal, such as endurance in HIIT, then maybe you’ll have more luck with an online program that will prompt you with home workouts to do everyday. This might be much more convenient for your busy schedule, and you realize all you actually needed was your workouts written out for you, and that extra little push. More and more trainers are making the switch, because they realize there is a huge market for it. If you’re someone who travels a lot, this is the best way to keep your fitness routine in check, wherever you may be.

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