What To Do When Your Vacation Knocks You Off Your Workout Schedule

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You finally drop your bags in your hallway, right beside your door after a long day of boarding planes, catching buses and metros and eating overpriced airport sandwiches or questionable airplane food. All you can dream about is your big comfy bed and a hot shower. When your alarm rings the next morning for work you feel like you’ve been run over by a train. You’re jet-lagged and just want to wake up next to a beach or mountains, like you were on your vacation. The mental capacity of getting back into your routine just seems like too much, even if your vacation was only 4 days. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things when your days only consisted of wine-and-dining, tasting all the foods the country has to offer and laying on the beach or in a spa in the mountains. On your second day back from your trip, you start to think how guilty you feel skipping that turn to go to the gym on your way home from work, and start to wonder if it will go on for one more day or even one more week as tempting as it is. I mean, it feels like you’ve completely lost your flexibility, your abs are playing hide-and-seek and you it just seems more easier to just skip out on it one more day. But, is that really the approach to take to gain a healthy lifestyle? As tempting as it is, nothing is going to get you back on track more than your mindset. So, here’s a little kickstart to make sure your mindset it strong before AND after your next vacation.


Before You Go:

The week before a vacation is definitely a busy one. You’re making sure you’re caught up on work, all your travel documents are in order, you have all the packing essentials and you make sure someone is there to water your plants and feed your dog. Even at this point hitting the gym can seem hard considering it feels like you have a million things to do – and worst of all: you have a deadline. But actually – this is your prime time to keep your workout routine on point. Working out a little extra hard before your vacation goes a long way. It helps you feel like you’ve deserved this break EVEN MORE than you already felt, and it will boost up your strength to a higher level right before you leave. When you increase your endurance, you’ll need a day or two to rest anyways, so why not make this your travel days? (makes sleeping on a plane a lot easier, right?). Staying on top of your workout routine until right before you leave also keeps you more motivated to stay fit while you’re on vacation. So, while you’re packing, pack with the intent to stay active during your trip too. After all, it’s a form of pampering yourself, right? Packing things such as resistance bands, workout gear and downloading your workout guides beforehand will keep you motivated and focused. And don’t worry, you can always have them on you no matter where you’re working out with SlimClipCase  If you have to lug around that stuff anyways (okay I know it’s not that much stuff), you may as well use it, right? Besides, most workouts on vacation don’t actually seem like workouts. We’ve included a list in the next section to keep you inspired, and away from excuses ;)

On Vacay:

So you’re probably reading this and got to this point thinking, pfft, like I’m actually going to do workouts on vacation. It all sounds good in theory until it’s time to do it, right? Wrong. What if your “theory” was actually amazing AND doable? When you’re on vacation it’s insanely easy to workout. All you need to do is make sure you don’t spend your whole time laying on the beach, and if that’s all you want to do, then you’re going to have to depend on your before and after strategy (explained in this blog post) – which is completely fine. Although, you’re probably going to unintentionally do a lot of activities that will cause you to break a sweat and burn off some of your wine-and-dining. Exploring a city, swimming in the ocean, dancing, biking and just walking probably more than you typically do at home all count as working out on your vacation. This is even your chance to try that sport you’ve always wanted to do- like surfing ( it’s a real workout!). If you want more of a relaxed vacation, or simply are strapped for time,  here’s a list of great workouts to do on vacation ( told you that we’re making sure your mindset is strong 💪 )

When You Get Home:

Now this is where all your hard work pays off. If you’ve stuck to the commitment of staying fit on vacation, it will be an absolute breeze! But, more likely than not, there are definitely room for slips and slides – I mean, what are vacations for right? It’s all about taking it easy when your on vacation, but once your home it’s time to gently remind yourself you need to step up your game. Really, it’s not so hard. All you have to do is set a couple rules and boundaries. For example, have you ever heard the saying “don’t go more than 3 days without working out”?  No matter if your typical routine means working out once a week or everyday – apply this rule to the first week you’re back from vacation. Because, chances are that if you wait 3 days, you will be more inclined to add one more, and one more and… well..hopefully not : ) But, what happens when you actually make it to the gym and it feels like you’re back at square one and you don’t feel as strong as you were ( don’t worry – you still have the muscles, they’re just waking up). Or what about when you hit your first class and you’re embarrassingly out of breath? These are signs that your body is telling you to ease into your first workout, and don’t forget to ease your mind too. What better way to do that? Make your workout easy and accessible so you don’t have to fuss about working out, you can just go.

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