What To Do With Your iPhone (or Mobile Phone) While You Run or Workout

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So you’ve gotten past the hardest hurdle. You’ve convinced yourself you want a toned body and a flat tummy and you’ll do all that you can to get there! So, you headed out to your gym and signed up for a membership while pretending not to be intimidated by all the grunting coming from the guys lifting weights. You’ve headed out to the store and bought matching work-out clothes and had the sales guy talk you into buying the highest performance runners, because, well you’re not joking around. You’re REALLY biting the bullet and doing all that it takes to get into shape, plus – who say’s athleisure isn’t a trend?? You’ve purchased a reusable water bottle and compiled all your belongings into your gym bag with pride – you really look the part. Now it’s game time.

You get into your car, play your pump-up playlist and sing all the way while dodging traffic. You’re pumped for your workout! You arrive at the gym and take your gym gear to the lockers. Motivation runs through your veins as you go to the changeroom, look yourself in the mirror and commit to killing it this gym session. You lock up your belongings and grab your phone, water bottle, towel… headphones…key to your locker…wait… you only have two hands…. So, you arrive in the middle of the floor which now, somehow feels like a stage with spotlights, as you try to locate the machine to do your first set of reps. Once you spot it, you dash towards it and somehow your headphones get caught on a machine which makes you drop your phone and towel on the sweat covered ground, and of course, let’s not forget the classic drop and roll your water bottle does. Once you’ve run] across the gym to grab your water bottle on the run, and after causing a little bit of a scene you’re ready to start your workout. Off to a great start, right?

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Once you get to the machine you realize that you want to keep your tunes, yet you don’t want to get discouraged by another garage sale of your items in the middle of the gym. So, you shove your phone in the waistband of your pants, playing it off like its normal to shove things down your pants. Especially once you get all sweaty. Are you really going to put that sweaty phone up to your face when you receive your next call? Or what about when you try out some squats near the end of your workout. How do you enjoy the imprint of your phone on your hip bones? Or even worse, the dreaded lump in the crotch of your pants from your phone falling in your pants. Okay, we get it, your phone is mobile, but it should not be that mobile. And let’s be real, who really wants to reach down their pants and search around for their phone… hahaha… just no. Please no.

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But all jokes aside, now you’re headed to the gym again and you’ve got your motivation back. You’ve done some research and found a solution to avoid those hiccups you’ve encountered, and maybe you’ve gained some of your dignity back at the gym. Another addition to your gym bag is a shiny new armband. You know, those ones that are in some of those 90’s music videos, but with walkmans.

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Remember those? Your excitement builds as you head off to your workout only to find out after 10 minutes of fiddling around with your new armband in the change room you give up and take off your phone case to get your phone to properly fit in the plastic casing.

You think “okay, that’s not so bad, it’s better than the phone dropping on the ground again in front of everyone.” 10 more minutes go by and you’re hot and sweaty, more so from frustration rather than exercise. You can’t even get a full set in because you have to adjust the armband every time you do a jump squat. You’ve adjusted it so tight you’ve almost lost circulation and it makes it very hard to properly lift your arms. You’ve also adjusted it so it feels okay, yet you’ve had to pick up your armband AND your phone off the ground multiple times. You’re pretty fed up, so you quickly search what other alternatives you can get… except the plastic casing doesn’t even let you touch the buttons on the phone! So now you’re standing there, with your phone out of its case and your armband on the ground resorting to training without music. Ugh, that situation just sounds painful to read, doesn’t it?

So, back to the drawing board – you’ve found yet another solution. You’ve purchased a Flipbelt.  You can fit your headphones, keys, wallet, gym membership, the kitchen sink, you know – all the NECESSITIES you need for your workout. As you walk into the gym with a neon green band accentuating the area that you’re trying to lose weight, you proceed to your workout. 5 minutes into running you have to adjust the band because it’s all bunched up moving from your waist to your ribs, and all of your things are flopping around like you’re a kangaroo caring a child. Not the look you’re going for now, is it? You adjust and give it one more glimpse of hope. At this point, you’ve accepted the Kangaroo status and can manage to get into the zone. After your somewhat embarrassing workout, you head to the changeroom and get a call. Ring after ring you frantically try to get your phone OUT of the Flipbelt. You miss the call with no caller id and your valuables are dripping in sweat. Just what you want after a hardcore workout right? You pack your wet, sweaty Flipbelt in your bag and make a mental note to thoroughly wash it before you head back to the gym tomorrow. Quite a bit of work isn’t it?

A week goes by and you’re fed up with this neon green device. You’ve attempted to put more things into it to weigh it down, but really it just gets tighter around your waist. Instead of trying to find the perfect placement on your waist, you throw in the third straw and get Spibelt. You think, maybe a smaller belt will fit better on your waist, and the color won’t be so obnoxious. Plus, it’s advertised not to bounce, so why not? You walk into the gym, a little bit anxious to see if you’ll be able to have a distraction-free workout. You start, one squat, two squats, three… four… “clink, clink.”  You think to yourself “what is that?” Your keys and phone are so compact in the Spibelt that your key is actually scratching your phone screen! Thank god you have a screen protector. But now you’re standing in the gym and you’ve done 4 squats, and you’re back to square one. All your belongings in your hands, yet nothing to hold them properly while you workout.

Okay! Enough is enough, right? All of your options are out and you’re feeling a little hopeless. You think to yourself, why is something so easy, so hard? All you want is to get into the zone with your phone. You need your tunes and you may get an important call you can’t miss. But instead, you’re swallowing the fact that maybe you have to accept that there is no solution that works. Maybe sticking your hand down your pants and looking like a Kangaroo is part of working out, right? You’re about to give up until…

You smoothly insert your phone into your newest purchase, clip it on your waistband, shorts, etc. and go workout! Easy. As. That. No hassles, no sweaty phone, no drops and no scratches. Just you and your workout… You’re one step closer to that six pack now

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