Yoga – Connecting your Mind and Body

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The benefit of yoga goes beyond injury prevention and stress reduction. Only 20 minutes of yoga session can make your brain work better. Yes, you heard it right, according to the research conducted by the University of Illinois, short bouts of yoga may help you make your brain work better besides combating work stress and giving your muscles a good stretch between your strength training. Perhaps this is one of the most awesome aspects of yoga that its holistic practice focuses in wellness and not only on physical achievements.

Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent decades. According to a national survey, at least 7.5 percent of American adults have tried yoga for once. Interestingly yoga classes vary from gentle and accommodating to strenuous and challenging. The choice of the style of yoga obviously depends on your ability and personal preference. But besides rich flavor and variety of styles, yoga has been know for improving memory, instigating peaceful spirit, and increased energy and vitality. However these are only few thing yoga is credited for, there are even more perks of practicing yoga.

Live longer

It is believed that people who practice yoga live longer than their counterparts who don’t practice yoga. That’s because yoga helps to expand your lungs through deep breathing techniques. It is also beneficial for your heart since regular yoga practice helps lower the resting heart rate.

Dominate nostril

It is believed that when the right nostrils are more opened, you are more fired up, active and aroused. Similarly when your left nostril is opened up (dominant), you are relaxed and at ease. There are also few other breathings technique which if you practice, will help you regulate your left and right nostrils and there by create a balance in the nervous systems.

You enjoy better sex life

Growing bodies of researchers have come in support that yoga can improve sex and prevent or treat many sex problems by improving the overall health of your cardiovascular system. Yoga has also been credited with helping improve orgasms by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Fountain of youth

Yoga is interestingly touted as the fountain of youth since it helps you look more youthful. Regular yoga practice helps reverse processes that happen as our bodies age, for example like cell damage and inflamed tissues, increased oxidation and acidity which can gradually lead to illness and disease overtime.


Studies have proved that yoga can help you de-stress yourself and efficiently tackle depression and anxiety. In fact it’s the psychological benefit of stress relief that attracts sores of people to practice yoga. It has a restorative impact that feels nourishing and revitalizing. In short, yoga can transform your whole being.

Better posture

Yoga is helpful in getting you better posture in a very natural way. Almost every yoga pose you perform is geared towards helping your body to get back to proper alignment. Many yoga postures might appear unnatural at first and hard to perform. But that’s only because our posture is bad and that now we feel like the “right way” to be.

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