Clip & Go!

Forget the Hassles of Awkward Armbands, Soggy Fanny Belts, Bulky Clip Cases, Bra Stuffing, or Death Gripping Your iPhone while you Run or WorkOut






What People Are Saying About SlimClip Case

The Revolution in iPhone Fitness storage is underway.

Thousands are throwing away their ArmBands & Fanny Belts in exchange for  SlimClip Case. Are you next?

"This is one of the coolest iPhone cases I've come across! It hooks onto your pants quite tightly so you don't have to worry about it when you train. I had a workout with it on yesterday and besides having music playing I kinda forgot it was there. Running, burpees, the works! Pretty cool! Now I don't have to put the damn thing in my sports bra anymore!"
- Michelle Van Rooyen

Love my new SlimClip Case. Perfect if you hate armband tan lines.
- Aly

"I initially bought this case to put on my iPhone just when I go to the gym, but I love it so much I just keep it on permanently!"
- Taylor

Love SlimClip Case on my iPhone. Have to have it!
- Jill

"The SlimClip Case is very sleek. It's perfect for exercising as well as fitting perfectly in a smaller purse."
- Regina

"I like simple but I want quality too. I'm also a runner so I had been looking for a case that I could take with me on my runs. I'm glad I found SlimClip Case."
- Tori

"Now I can ditch my annoying, uncomfortable armband in exchange for the SlimClip Case Lite, securing my iPhone pocket-free whether I'm out for a run or working at home. Thanks, theWTFactory for such a brilliant invention."
- Lychee Style, Careese Quon

"SlimClip Case basically clips on to the side waistband or your workout pants when working out or running. It’s a great solution if you want a hands-free workout without annoying accessories that tend to get in the way of your workout."
- Nadia Murdock

"The SlimClip case is an ultra-thin case with a built-in “clip” on the back that you can attach to the edge of your workout pants or belt. It’s a very simple but effective design that allows you to easily carry your phone during almost any type of workout. We tested the SlimClip case with a lot of different exercises and movements (even hanging upside down) and it worked really well."
- Christel Oerum

"I have to say I'm very surprised with how addicted I am to the SlimClip Case. It's simple, snug, and easy to use especially when running long distance and walking my dog in the mornings."
- Nic Akins

"I used my SlimClip Case for a 6 miler today and I'm not going back to my old bulky case or an armband."
- Kim

"SlimClip Case got me through an 18 mile trail run to take beautiful pictures of Benham Falls in Oregon."
- Evelin

"Got me a SlimClip Case today. This case is Beast! Should have had something like this a long time ago."
- Terrence


SlimClip Case Features

slimclip case v4 features

Enhanced Sure-Grip

Enlarged Camera Opneing for iPhone 7

Integrated Digit area to allow for easier engagement of Clip

Rubber Surface Coating for Shock Absorption

theWTFactory 365 day FREE Replacement Program

Integrated Button Operation (even better than the native iPhone tactile Experience)

Beveled Front Rim extends out in front of screen to Protect Screen from accidental drops

Wider Opening for iPhone Silencing Switch

Curved corner of clip for better clipping comfort



slimclip case v4 red

The World’s Slimmest Clip Case




SlimClip Case


Speck Clip Case


Otterbox Case with Clip





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What happens if you need a replacement? Good news.

 Every Purchase Comes with a 365 day FREE Case Replacement Plan –

No hassle. No questions. Seriously.



What iPhone sizes does SlimClip Case fit? 
We make a standard size SlimClip Case that fits 4.7 inch versions of iPhone: iphone 7, iPhone 6, & iPhone 6S.
We also make a larger size SlimClip Case that fits 5.5 inch versions of iPhone: iphone 7 PLUS, iPhone 6 PLUS, & iPhone 6S PLUS

How can the same case fit both the iPhone 7 versions and the iPhone 6 versions?
Both the iPhone 7 & iPhone 6/6S are essentially the same size, the dimensional differences are only very small (about the size of the radius of a single strand of hair). The fitting difference is primarily due to the larger size of the camera openings and the different port fenestrations of the iPhone 7 versions.


How does the 365 day replacement plan work?  


If for any reason, SlimClip Case breaks or stops functioning properly within the first year of use – contact us and we will send a return label and another SlimClip Case at no cost to you if it’s a domestic purchase.


*There is a small fee for international replacements 


Does the SlimClip Case actually stay on while I workout and run?
Yes.  Emphatically, Yes!  The SlimClip Case is awesome at staying on while you Run, Jump, WorkOut, Flip, or whatever else you want to do.
See for yourself:


What if I want to return it because it doesn’t work for me?
 This is extremely unlikely if you like taking your phone along with you while you run or workout. That being said, contact us within 15 days of receiving SlimClip Case, and we will send you a return label and a full refund upon receipt of the return.