slimclip case for iphone by thewtfactory is the slimmest clip case in the world for iphone

We created the SlimClip Case because we noticed that so many people were running with their iPhones in their hands; stuffed in their bra or waistband; in a bulky armband; or just placing it on the floor while they did their workout reps.


So, the we came up with a better solution, the SlimClip Case.


Unlike the other iPhone clip cases, the SlimClip Case is thin, low profile, and aesthetically complimentary to the iPhone.


Most importantly, it fits snugly and securely to your waist while:


Your WOD


You know, whatever!


With SlimClip Case we looked beyond the functional utility of a smartphone case and designed a comprehensive product experience you’ll enjoy receiving and using.


To top all that off we didn’t want you to worry about anything so we introduced an unprecedented standard to the industry with a 365 day free replacement program.


With the patented design of SlimClip Case and it’s functional fitness solution for securing smartphones while being active, we believe that we have created a ‘Category of One’ with SlimClip Case.



J Keith Hall

Product Developer & Co-Founder

Wonderful Things Factory