SlimClip Case Monthly GiveAway

$30-$40 USD Value

1 Winner

Tired of Uncomfortable, Clunky, Ugly, Inconvenient Fitness Solutions for iPhone?

When we developed SlimClip Case we set out to end the misery of dealing with fitness armbands & FannyBelts that were either too tight, itchy, bulky, uncomfortable, too loose, or couldn’t even be found buried in the bottom of your gym bag.

For the people who have discovered SlimClip Case, it’s been a revolution!  Tens of Thousands of runners, athletes, gym rats, and fitness enthusiasts have ditched their armbands; stopped stuffing their iPhone in their bra; don’t have to ’death grip’ their iPhone while they run; and now conveniently just ’Clip and Go’ with SlimClip Case when they are ready to workout or run.

The thing is, we want to reach so many more people so they can enjoy the comfort, style, protection, slimline design, and convenience of SlimClip Case.

Help Us Get the Word Out & Be REWARDED!

Enter Our Monthly SlimClip Case Giveaway.  If you already have a SlimClip Case, or you don’t have an iPhone, you can choose any one of our products from theWTFactorySHOP.com as your winning prize if you end up being so lucky (including our brand swag and tShirts)!

There are ways to Amplify Your Luck!

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SHARE the contest with your friends!  For Each friend that enters from your sharing, you earn THREE ADDITIONAL GiveAway ENTRIES.  After you enter, you will receive an email with a share code.  Use your share code to share this Giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Email.  There is NO LIMIT to number of entry credits you can earn from your contacts entries.

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