6 Key Effects of Workout Clothes on Our Athletic Performance

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Fitness addicts are always looking for something that will help them boost their performance. That’s perfectly normal because there can be no progress if you’re always doing the same old exercises that don’t engage your muscles like they used to. However, aside from various types of workouts and exercises, did you know that what you wear also plays an important role in your gym experience? Let’s see how exactly your workout clothes impact your athletic performance.

The all-important state of mind

Have you noticed how Tiger Woods always wears red on the final day of a golf tournament? That’s no coincidence. Athletes sometimes equate a lucky color with success. According to a study conducted by Lysann Damisch in 2010 and her colleagues from the University of Cologne, Germany, a good luck charm can give you an edge when it comes to your performance. How? According to the study, your favorite blue headband can help you improve your confidence in your abilities. LeBron James used to wear a headband and he is probably the best basketball player in the world now. Experiments concluded that good luck charms and good luck-related sayings, such as ‘break a leg’, helped athletes’ performance.

The performance effect

When buying the right top or T-shirt for the gym, you have to be aware that what you buy will make a significant impact on your performance. Buy a tank-top that is too big and you will be overexposed and tangled due to the extra fabric. That will harm your performance for sure. The same applies to tights that are… too tight. You risk flaunting your undies to the whole gym and you feel uncomfortable. You need to buy quality gym garments that are made of lean materials. If you want to further enhance your performance, invest in ever popular compression clothing. It looks quite good on athletes since it highlights each of your muscles so that you can see exactly how you impact them during the exercise. It improves blood circulation which means that you’ll endure more and recover faster after the workout. All the top-notch athletes wear compression garments, and you should too.

Muscle recovery time

You know how ladies in tights always show off their squat results after a workout? You’ve probably came to the conclusion that they do it to attract attention or something. However, that’s not the case. They are actually helping their bodies. Since they’re wearing compression clothes, they boost blood circulation, reduce muscle swelling and stiffness. That way they minimize post-workout soreness. The same applies to gentlemen. More and more fitness professionals wear compression clothes when they work out. Those professionals have tight workout schedules and they need their bodies to recover fast since they’ll be in the gym again tomorrow.

Injury prevention and safety

You need to buy durable, quality workout clothes that can follow you through all of your training sessions while staying intact. People who are stingy when it comes to gym clothes end up with hilarious clothes malfunctions that sometimes even result in an injury. That especially applies to those cases where people don’t want to buy reliable training shoes. The soles give up after a month or two and not only do people look funny when they tread through the gym in them, but they also risk injuring their ankles and knees. Lifters know how important it is to wear decent shoes. When your shoes decide to give up on you during a lift, you can rest assured that a joint or two will pay the price. Runners also need to have quality running shoes with good soles. Good running shoes are made of lean materials that let your foot breathe, they absorb the impact of running and protect your ligaments from inflammation.

Sweat problems

You love your high-school basketball team T-shirt, but you know that thirty minutes into your workout you’ll be soaking in your own sweat. Others will notice, you’ll lose your confidence and you’ll probably smell awful. That’s why we need to stress once again that proper workout clothes need to be a priority in your gym bag. Modern gym clothes are made of moisture-wicking materials that let your skin breathe by taking the sweat out to the surface of your clothes. Not only are you protected from sweat, but those garments also prevent that annoying chafing sensation and reduce risk of inflammation. And if you’re known for sweating profusely, make sure to invest in proper gym clothes and a decent towel.


What you wear affects your self-perception and the perception of others. For example, the Oakland Raiders have used black uniforms to help build an intimidating reputation around the NFL. Tiger Woods traditionally wears red on the final day of a tournament. Find your ‘power color’, find that piece of gym clothing that will make you look unstoppable and fierce. Not only will you boost your confidence, but you’ll also look awesome and stylish.  


Luke is a fitness and health blogger at Ripped.me and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through useful and informative articles.




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