9 reasons why working out with music makes your workout better

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You’ve never had more choices of ways to take your tunes along with you to workout than you have now 

Did you know that your favorite playlist can actually help maintain your healthy lifestyle? Music naturally boosts dopamine levels and dopamine triggers motivation, therefore creating a cycle in your gym routine. The more playlists you have that pump you up, the more likely you are to enjoy your workout, and return back to the gym sooner. Not only does listening to music while you work out reap benefits, when pairing it with a hands-free solution while working out, you really have no more excuses!

Now before we motivate you to get out there and start killing it at the gym, let’s lay out the reasons why working out and music are like peanut butter and jelly.

  1. You Get into the Zone

I wish I was always in the zone, but as we all know, sometimes getting there takes a little bit of motivation. Music helps us with this because the beat and lyrics direct your attention to what the artist is feeling, instead of that sweet, sweet burn during your 50th squat. Or, you could be moving extra slow on a Monday morning, and get a kick of energy when your favorite beat drops.


  1. You Want To Move For Longer

 According to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, a study shows that upbeat music while working out makes you want to exercise longer and stick with a daily exercise routine. This is because the dopamine you receive from music, in addition to the repetitive cycle that is contracted from the beat, thus making you more likely to do that extra set, or want to prolong your workout.


  1. Say Hello to a Better Heart

 A study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center found a link between listening to music and heart health. Essentially, there is more blood flow through blood vessels, thus increasing the size, which aids in a healthy heart. By listening to music while you’re working out, you’re not only reaping the benefits of a good workout, you’re also improving your blood flow mentally, as well as physically.


  1. It Keeps Your Mind in the Right Place

Hey, if you’re headed to work out already – congrats! Your mind is in a great place :). But, once you start doing your cross fit and feeling the burn, your motivation is likely to disappear. Listening to music will help keep your focus in check, so you can focus on your form and push through.

  1. Your workout and mood are about to be elevated

Studies suggest that listening to music (generally upbeat music) automatically increases your mood. This means that you’ll have the endorphins from a workout, which trigger a positive feeling in the body, in addition to a boost in your mental mood. A theory to prove this is that the type of music influences how we perceive the passing of time, i.e. pleasant memories make time fly faster than unpleasant memories.


  1. No Pain, No Gain?

Actually, no pain and still gain 💪
A study from the US National Library of Medicine proves that listening to music in two sessions per day helped chronic pain patients overcome physical and 
neurological conditions. The positive feelings that music bring, in addition to the endorphins working out sends neurological signals to your brain that tell sooth your mind when signs of pain are sent.


  1. Believe it or Not, Your Body Will Move to the Rhythm

Even if you’re not dancing, your body does not know the difference. A study by theUniversity of Maryland Medical Center proves that music encourages you to move rhythmically and when exercising when music is being played, your body will automatically start exercising on the beat.  This works great if you’re training for HIIT or hitting some heavy cardio.


  1. Provides Comfort

Your memories of you and your bestie jamming in the car on the way up to the cottage, or any other positive memories associated with your favorite songs will be present when you’re out of breath trying to finish your set. This will distract you from the fact that your legs are burning and the thoughts of killing your personal trainer.


  1.  Music Helps You Sleep Better

A study from the US National Library of Medicine showed that students who listened to relaxing classical music for 45 minutes prior to sleeping felt significantly better than students that did not. If you have a better sleep, you’ll have a better workout and vice versa.

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