Armbands were hoped to be the next groundbreaking fitness solution, but working out with something strapped around your arm just isn’t easy.

slimclip case is the fitness armband alternative for iphone


They itch. 

They slide.

They cut off your circulation.

And most importantly, they limit your mobility during your workout.

So… why did you buy that thing again?

Oh, yeah.

You needed a place to put your phone while you run.. but now you’ve got all of these other crazy issues.

slimclip case

What if there was a way to keep your phone with you while you’re working out?

Without any itch.

Without any distraction from something sliding down your arm.

Without having your circulation cut off.

And without limiting all that you can accomplish during your workout.

That’s like, Fairytale worthy, right?


When it comes to your workout, you’re all-in; which is why you need something more reliable than that inconvenient arm-band to store your phone while you’re on-the-move.

With the SlimClip case, there’s nothing to take your mind off of getting in shape.


Just Clip in, and go!


Your arms will be free to perform whatever workout your heart desires.
Not to mention that you’ll never have to put up with that irritating, itching/sliding situation ever again.




“The Slim Clip Case is the thinnest clip case for iPhone and the alternative to awkward armbands, bulky clip cases and other options for securing your iPhone while working out; bra stuffing, pants stuffing, or leaving your phone on the gym floor and praying it’s still there when you’re done.”

 – FitGirl Travels,  J


It’s time to let go of the arm band.

Get your Clip on with the SlimClip Case – get yours now at

*Only SlimClip Case comes with a 365 day FREE Replacement Guarantee (a theWTFactory Exclusive)

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