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Breast Cancer is the 2nd leading cancer diagnosis amongst American Women (2nd only to skin cancer; of which the majority of skin cancer diagnoses are cured with local treatment in a dermatologist’s office).

Breast Cancer is also the 2nd leading cause of cancer death amongst American Women.


Annual NEW Cases of Invasive Breast Cancer in U.S.


Annual NEW Cases of In Situ Breast Cancer in the U.S.

Annual Deaths from Breast Cancer in the U.S.

All Cancer Diagnosis in Women in the U.S.


A main reason behind differences in mammography screening rates in the U.S. is health insurance. Women who don’t have health insurance are much less likely to get mammograms than women with health insurance. In 2010, only 32 percent of women ages 40 and older with no health insurance had a mammogram within the past two years compared to 71 percent of those with insurance [1].

Although a lack of health insurance is a main reason for breast cancer screening disparities in the U.S., other factors play a role. Even among women ages 40 and older with insurance, only about 70 percent had a mammogram within the past two years [1].

  • Low income
  • Lack of access to care (such as lack of a local (or easy to get to) mammography center or lack of transportation to a mammography center)
  • Lack of a usual health care provider
  • Lack of a recommendation from a provider to get mammography screening
  • Lack of awareness of breast cancer risks and screening methods
  • Cultural and language differences

Seventy-five percent of all funds raised by the Affiliate stays in Atlanta to fund breast health programs for women who would not otherwise have access to screening and treatment. Twenty-five percent of funds raised supports the national Komen Foundation Award and Research Grant Program

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