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"The thin case adds 2.1 mm to the iPhone's width and fits snugly to your mobile device, so you can safely (and stylishly) tag it along with you during your summer adventures." -NBC News Tech


“Thought I would share this since I got one for my iPhone and love it! Pretty simple case but has a great clip feature for when I take it on workouts.” – Akhil


“SlimClip is a clever design move that makes for an extremely thin case, with a backing that serves double duty, protecting the back of the iPhone, and acting as a clip” -iPhoneLife


“The SlimClip Case for iPhone 5 is possibly the thinnest case for an iPhone I’ve ever played with, and if it were just that it would be notable, but it also includes an inline belt/pocket clip that manages to take up no extra space” – Pocketables


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“A clean and unobtrusive iPhone experience”



“An efficient, elegant way to attach your iPhone to your belt (or waistband, pocket, etc.) securely and stylishly”

-Julio Ojeda-Zapata (Tech Journalist)



fox 12 oregon

“With over 95 million iPhone 5/5s sold worldwide, the SlimClip is the only iPhone case on the market that is thin enough to go unnoticed.  However, the functionality is sure to turn heads”

– Fox 12


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