get bodied by j and slimclip case

Searching for something to hold your cellphone during your workout that actually FITS?


Apparently, a ton of people are.

And not just a case that fits your body; we’re talking one that fits your entire lifestyle.

If you’ve yet to find a workout-proof case that fits your lifestyle, you’ve probably tried:

  • squeezing your arm into the cheap armband that (despite the listed size) seems to fit like a “small,”

  • using all of your might to tighten that expensive “one size fits all” fitness strap that you paid way too much money for,

  • or cutting off the blood flow at your waist in hopes of getting your fanny belt to keep still.

And somehow, you still can’t seem to find a case that really fits.

If you’re tired of purchasing armbands that are “one size fits all,” only to look and feel awkward once you’ve put it on, you aren’t alone.

For whatever reason, cellphone case companies don’t seem to like you…

That’s the only possible explanation, right?



Don’t stress it..

We like you!

Which is why we’ve created the perfect iPhone fitness solution; exclusively for you and everyone else who’ve fell victim to some form of fitness-band abuse.

With SlimClip case, one size really does fit all.

The conveniently thin clip is the ultimate chameleon.


“This is one of the coolest iPhone cases I’ve come across! It hooks onto your pants quite tightly so you don’t have to worry about it when you train. I had a workout with it on yesterday and besides having music playing I kinda forgot it was there. Running, burpees, the works! Pretty cool!”

– Michelle Van Rooyen


Why waste time “fitting in” when you should be working out?
Get the SlimClip Case Now at


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