A FlipBelt aka FitBelt (otherwise known as a FannyBelt)

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Fighting the FannyBelt epidemic

(One Potential Champion at a time)

Whether you’re calling it flip belt (FitBelt), fit belt (FitBelt), or any one of a hundred different names, we all know what we’re talking about: the infamous fanny pack. Who hasn’t seen hoards of these waistband behemoths lumbering around amusement parks, beaches, and jogger paths? And while fanny packs can take on a variety of different shapes and sizes, they’re all uncomfortable, unattractive, and definitely not suited for much more than a lazy walk to the mailbox.


Whether you’re calling it flip belt (FitBelt), fit belt (FitBelt), or any one of a hundred different names, we all know what we’re talking about: the infamous fanny pack.

Take Jenna for example, who thought it would be a good idea to wear her flip belt out on her daily jog. While she was able to clear the first quarter mile without a hitch, she ran into trouble as soon as she wanted to check the time midway through her route. One slip of the wrist later and she’s surrounded by a handful of loose change, a cracked phone, and more than a few amused neighbors.

Or Mike, who planned on making a fashion statement at this weekend’s party, with a highlighter yellow fit belt. Between answering concerned questions about his odd-looking medical brace, and fumbling around every time he wanted to take a glance at his phone, it was difficult for him to get much socializing done before he stashed his new accessory in the local dumpster and headed home.

Stories like these have been cropping up across America in recent years, leading experts to wonder what the source of this fashion epidemic could be. For those worried about succumbing to this quickly-spreading danger, there are a number of recognizable symptoms to watch out for:

• Temporary lapse in judgement, especially when concerned with waist-related carrying devices
• Severe headaches and frequent annoyance
• Decrease in social activity
• Unexplained giggles when passing by groups of people

On the plus side, these newly-designed fanny packs have proved a good remedy for social media addicts, as users find it almost impossible to access their mobile devices when wedged inside.

While many survivors of this horrible disease have taken to stowing their belongings in oversized pockets during workouts, they’ve found little solace in the cumbersome bottom-wear that bobs up and down while in motion. The good news is experts at SlimClip have been working on a solution to buyers’ fashion and function woes, with their new mobile clip that promises to do away with unwanted bits of fabric.

Ushering in a new, post-fanny-pack era, SlimClip hopes to answer the call that fitness enthusiasts and cell phone enthusiasts alike have been echoing for decades. By clipping directly to the shorts, pants, skirt, kilt, or toga of your choice, the SlimClip avoids the need for conspicuous neon, sweat-inducing nylon bands altogether. While certainly aiming high in its goals, experts agree that this is humanity’s single greatest hope for a hands-free future.

If you’ve been the victim of waist-related wardrobe malfunctions, or know someone who has, it’s time to seek help.


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