How To Own It At The Gym: A 5 Step Guide

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Sometimes it’s not getting to the gym that’s hard, it’s the whole idea of getting sweaty, pushing your body to its limits and trying new things in front of strangers! It can seem really intimidating at times, we understand. How are you supposed to know how to use every loud, clanking machine properly? Especially with the growing fear, you’ll drop the weights on your toes – or even worse, someone else’s toes! Are you supposed to make weird grunting sounds like those guys lifting heavy weights whenever you’re using a machine? Or, are you supposed to 50 squats in perfect form every time?  Will you look like a total newbie if you check your phone for the next set of workouts to do?

Guess what? Everyone has thought the same thoughts as you. And guess what?? They’re just thoughts! The reality of it is that everyone is at the gym for the same reason you are, so we all aren’t that different. No matter how many worse case scenarios you create in your head, we promise, no one is looking at you and judging you, and thinking about them is only going to kill your vibe.

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Knowing how to own it at the gym has countless benefits. If you think about it, if you have the confidence to own your workout, you’ll own other areas in your life.  It will boost your confidence in many situations, such as presenting a report at work or in new, uncomfortable social situations. A focused workout will not only be amazing for your body, it will also improve your mental state knowing what to do and when to do it – you know, getting into the flow. This will also make you more in tune with what your body is trying to tell you. Maybe you skipped rest day and need to take it easy. Or, maybe all those bike rides are paying off and you’re stronger than you thought! Believe it or not, the more you think, the less you’ll do. Working out is a beautiful way to not think about anything except the workout you’re doing in that present moment – a form of meditation if you will.

Have you ever not done something because you were worried about what people thought? I’m going to answer this one for you – probably! We are human, and this is how our mind works sometimes. Weird isn’t it?? But, the good news is that after reading these tips to help you at the gym you won’t care what other people think, and you’ll have that flat tummy and sculpted booty sooner than you think :)

  1. We all start somewhere.

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See that guy bench pressing those 200-pound weights? Or that girl doing 150 donkey kicks IN  A ROW? Yea, they weren’t like that on their first gym sessions. I promise. They probably have used machines wrong their first time and have asked for help countless times. So much that they’re buddies with the staff now. How else would they be able to own it and get to their optimal workout capacity, without starting out when it was hard? As much as you think people are looking at you, or it’s obvious that it’s your first few times at the gym – that’s not the case! Everyone is either in the same spot as you or has been there. You know, watching someone stick it out and push through his or her workout is extra motivation, especially if it’s something that they’re not super comfortable with yet.  You’d be surprised, you could be the reason that guy and that girl killing their workouts do an extra set of reps. After all, it’s a gym COMMUNITY for a reason.

2. If you look good, you’ll feel good

A study from the School of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire shows that 96% of women claim that what they wear directly affects their confidence levels. In other words, if they’re looking good, they’ll feel more confident. Amping up your gym style includes getting clothes that FIT. Who cares about the size – nothing is worse than leggings that don’t stay up, or short shorts that … play peek-a-boo, if you know what I mean. There are also some killer gym accessories you can get that will make your life easier. For example, the SlimClip Case clips onto your workout clothes while working out, so you’ll get that extra functionality which will also bring less stress and ensure a focused workout.

3. When in doubt, plan it out

Part of the intimidating feelings you get at the gym are because it seems like everyone knows what he or she’s doing all the time! They know how many reps to hit, what machines to use and don’t walk around for 10 minutes looking for the washroom. It’s because their plans have become their routine, and doesn’t routine make everything else much less stressful? A good way to start is downloading workout plans on your phone or printing them out. This way you don’t end up out of breath, trying to remember what exercise to do next, and then losing your momentum. You can even set your phone up and watch the screen as you go. If you purchase the SlimClipCase, attach it to a tension band and you can hook it anywhere! Now you’ll really be looking like a pro!

4. Let music soothe you

A study McGill University reveals that listening to music reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. This means that whenever you’re feeling a little uneasy about heading into the gym from the change room, pop in your headphones and your favorite song and things will change quickly. Plus, you’ll be able to get more into the zone and focus more. Remember – working out can be meditative and music only enhances this. Since we’ve covered how you can have your phone on you while working out, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll actually be able to listen to music when working out… how convenient

5. Focus on the end goal, not the current situation

No one gets a 6 pack in 1 day, and sometimes it’s hard to keep that 6 pack for 1 full day!! Our body is ALWAYS evolving and changing – so why should our mind be set on one thought? Getting over the anxiousness that comes with working out in the gym has a lot to do with thinking about things in a long time goal. Now, after every workout, if you went home and looking in the mirror and beat yourself up over still having a slight muffin top, would you be making it back to the gym day after day? My guess is no. We have to remember those good things take time, otherwise, they aren’t worth it! And you have my word – not much can beat being in good health!

So, what are you waiting for? Repack your gym bag, grab your phone and clip it to your pants, play your favorite tune and own your session. You’ve got this!


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