Our Favorite Booty Moves for Your Next Butt Workout

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Time to Squat.

Even though 2014 was declared the Year of the Butt, butts have been a thing since way before Sir Mix-a-Lot revealed he liked big ones back in 1992. So it makes sense that firming, toning, and plumping the derriere is oft desired, and can be achieved with some simple exercises (or not-so-simple implants, which are totally a thing but not exactly advisable).

And it’s not just for aesthetics; a toned and strong gluteus maximus can improve posture and athletic performance. If you’re not so comfortable going to the gym and doing a full-on butt workout, try one of these YouTube workouts. The best part is that almost all of these targeted moves can be done without fitness equipment, and in just a few minutes.

Some of these glute workouts take more than 10 minutes, but Adam Rosante shows you how to do super-targeted moves in just 60 seconds. He goes through four specific exercises which can be repeated as many times until you really feel fatigued. With detailed tutorials and explanations, nailing the form should be as simple as hitting play on the video.



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