What are people doing with their iPhone when they are Working Out?

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Where’s the Phone.


So you’re at the gym working out and all of a sudden you hear a cell phone go off somewhere in the distance. Not sure where that noise is coming from as it is kind of muffled and you notice the guy 3 stations down all of sudden putting his hand inside his pants. Not sure what to think about that, and all of a sudden he pulls out that ringing cell phone. So what’s that sticking out of your pants… Don’t worry only my phone. Probably need to disinfect that bad boy before putting it up to my ear. At least it wasn’t on vibrate or who knows what we would have thought of him, but then again depending on gender and all who knows maybe on vibrate and in your pants is a good place.

Think of all those scenarios where you don’t know where the heck to put that phone and the creative ways that people think of where to put it.

OK the most obvious place for women is stick it in their bra. Actually the first time I saw this was just a week ago and I had to do a double take on it. Some foreign object sticking out of this young lady’s shirt where normally I would see cleavage, and then realized it was her phone. It took away all the pleasure of staring at her breasts so I guess it has a dual purpose as a cell phone holder and distractor against dirty mid aged men.

There are a lot of just obvious places for when you are going about your daily activities like your pocket, your purse, the top of the desk but the real challenge comes when you are not wearing normal clothes or like when your skydiving from 20,000 feet above the earth. How can you take that fricking selfie proving you were flying through the air if you can’t safely have your cell phone with you.

So in my infinite wisdom I have listed some extreme situations and what to do with your cell phone during them. My best advise is to use duct tape whenever possible. Yes I live in the South and that is God’s ultimate gift to mankind. The person who invented that extremely sticky piece of whatever it really is was a genius. Duct Tape fixes the problems of the world and is great for holding your cell phone close to you in many situation.

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