Tired of Uncomfortable, Clunky, Ugly, Inconvenient Fitness Solutions for iPhone?


SlimClip Case is the Fitness Armband Alternative

When developing SlimClip Case, this is what we heard:

“My Fitness Armband is too tight and cutting off the circulation in my arm…

“No, it’s too loose and it keeps slipping off my arm….

“Mine is too hot and itchy…

“I don’t always have mine when I stop at the gym…

slimclip case is the fitness armband alternative for iphone


You don’t have to stuff your phone in your bra.

You don’t have to deal with taking your phone in and out of an armband every time you run.

You don’t even have to have a huge case to protect your phone from sweat, the elements, or an accidental drop during a workout.

All you need?

Is an easy to use, stylish, functional solution to help you workout with your favorite accessory — your iPhone.


clip and go with slimclip case for iphone


slimclip case for iphone by thewtfactory


clip to run or workout with slimclip case

SlimClip Case

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