You’re running. It’s slipping.

“Oh no! My phone is about to fa–“

slimclip case for iphone

…sound familiar? If so, you’ve probably:

  •  Tried running with your phone bouncing around in those huge sweat pants pockets.

  • Attempted to run with once of those fanny belts tied around your waist.

  • Cut-off the blood flow to your arm hoping that if you tie your fitness band tight enough, your phone won’t slip out.

..but it did. Again.

You drop your phone just about every time you exercise, no matter where you put it.

It slips out of the pockets on your pants.

It slips out of the pockets on your fanny pack.

It even slips out of that slim pocket on your arm band.

Pockets are overrated.

Yep, we just said that.

Think about it:

No matter where you put the pocket on your body, your phone is still bound to slip out of place as soon as you make any sudden movement.

So since we’ve officially deemed pockets as obsolete workout storage solutions, what’s your next move?


Don’t let meaningless holes of space get you down.

The Slim Clip case is like having pockets, but better.

No more digging in and out of pockets or unauthorized movement in your pants.

The astonishingly thin clip let’s run, jump, and even climb without the fear of cell-phone slippage invading your mind.

“The Slim Clip Case slides onto the waistband of your tights, shorts or capris and can carry your phone without slipping or falling off. Stays put. The phone didn’t jostle around, slide or slip. The clip kept it firmly in place on my waistband and it was easy to take on and off.”

– Run Far Girl, Sarah Canney


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