Aren’t you tired of adjusting your FannyBelt while you run?

Are you convinced that your FlipBelt (i.e. FitBelt, i.e. FannyBelt)  moves more often than you do?

Why should you have to accept that you look like you have a spare tired underneath your shirt just because you want to take your iPhone with you while you run or workout?

That just isn’t fair!


Let’s face it; the only thing more frustrating than trying to keep your bulky belt-strap from riding up every 5-minutes is the weird look that people give you while you’re trying to fix it.


Shouldn’t your time be spent focusing on your workout instead fumbling with, zipping and un-zipping a FannyBelt?

Photo Jan 29, 11 37 08 AM


What if there was a way to keep your phone right by your side and completely eliminate that annoying FannyBelt from the equation?


Something that’s actually equipped for runners who want to focus on running would be nice, right?


That would allow you to stop constantly worrying about your phone’s safety and go complete tunnel vision while you’re running!


Not to mention, the strangers in the park won’t be giving you weird looks for having back-to-back wardrobe malfunctions.


Everybody gets to mind their own business.
It’s a win-win!


No, it’s not magic. It’s the SlimClip Case!


With SlimClip Case, you can finally ditch your insecurities about dropping your phone during you’re running.


 “If you run, you’ll love it. When I run I use the Nike Running app and always held my phone in my hand while running. I was always worried about tripping and either dropping my phone or simply smashing it on the ground as I attempted to break my fall. Now I just clip it on.”
– Craig Hammond


SlimClip Case comes with a no questions asked 15-day warranty, so if for some reason you don’t like it (we’re still searching for that reason by the way), we’ll take it back and issue you a refund.

Slim Clip Case also comes with a 365 day free replacement warranty.
That’s right – if you break it, we buy it. If the case is damaged, you’ll receive a free replacement!



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